Here are 7 powerfull & useful yet simple strategies for engaging and keeping your mobile app users. Follow these tips to retain as much users

Getting people to use your mobile app is not an easy task these days as more apps like apps are created almost every day. But keeping users on your mobile app is the most difficult thing to do. Competition for user retention is stiffer than ever.

The experts of Young Entrepreneur Council also admit that it is not easy to retain mobile app users. But they gave some key strategies that can help the situation. Below are some tips from a panel of YEC members who to talked The Next Web about how retain your mobile app users.

Best practices for engaging and keeping your mobile app users

1. Solicit advice from your app users on how to improve it

Communicate with your user and find out from them what else they would want to see in the app. They may help you with the appearance and features of future versions of the app. With this, you might have devised a way to keep them coming back for more. – Serenity GibbonsNAACP.

2. Know your users

Ismael Wrixen of FE International thinks knowing your users is one of the most important ways to keep users. Though, this is usually an overlooked aspect of marketing, Wrixen believes building personas helps a lot.

The idea here is to build a profile of your perfect users based on market research. This can help you to personalise your communications accordingly.

3. Utilise of brand influencers

An effective shortcut to get more users for your app in this crowded marketplace is by leveraging the power of social media influencers. This is a less difficult and less costly way of acquiring new users.

You are sure to get many people using your app if you partner with popular individuals on social mediums that are used mostly on mobiles. – Bryce WelkerAccounting Institute for Success

For example, influencers like Kwadwo Sheldon are doing pretty good work on Twitter and Instagram. Such people have a lot of following on their respective platforms. Plus they have their own ways of putting the message across and making their follower understand their message.

4. Regularly create new content

Subtly persuade users to come back to see what’s new on your app by regularly providing new content. The content can be in the form of useful videos, blog posts, or podcasts targeting your users.
“Look through your frequently asked questions, you can start creating content based on those.” – Syed BalkhiWPBeginner

5. Be quick to address problems

To retain as many as possible users on your mobile app, you must be proactive in addressing problems submitted by your users.  Notable errors going unchecked, zero replies from developers will repel people from using your app.

“A mobile app with tons of poor reviews, notable flaws addressed in the comments and dead silence from the developer spells trouble. People will be very vocal when something isn’t right. It’s your responsibility to keep them happy and foster loyalty by addressing problems and glitches as proactively as possible. Updates and bug fixes to every app are necessary and should be factored into costs.” – Brandon StapperNonstop Signs.

6. Give incentives

Blair Thomas from eMerchantBroker trusts that motivating users with rewards will help retain them.  Giving coupons, specialised content or other rewards will definitely give users a reason to be on your app always.

Special promotions too can attract lots of engagement to your app. You can then introduce mobile-specific rewards as well for retention.

7. Perform multiple trials to know everything is right

From Codie Ventures LLC, Codie Sanchez advises that unnecessary annoyance will quickly put users off of your app. These include intrusive ads, insistent purchase requests, and illogical access requests. Some access requests really do not make sense and scare people off the mobile app. An example is a music player asking for access to your contacts.

It is always advisable to do plenty of prelaunch testing and surveys among regular users.

As mobile app developers, convincing and enticing people to use your app is not an easy task because more and more apps are being created and release to the public every day. Keeping users on your mobile app is the most difficult thing to do. Competition for user retention is stiffer than ever.

Wrapping up…

Lastly, my advice is simple. You must build not just any app but a useful one. Your app should be beneficial to the user and your business as well. Good luck with keeping more users on your mobile app.

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