7 inspiring women ruling Nigeria’s tech ecosystem

popular Women Ruling Nigeria's tech ecosystem
Photo Credit: essence.com

Audacity, a Techcabal Tech Women Lagos exhibition, which came to end recently, flaunted women at several stages of their careers in Nigeria‚Äôs tech ecosystem. The aim was to inspire the next generation of ladies and prove that they can also have amazing careers in a male-dominated industry. See 7 inspiring women ruling Nigeria’s tech ecosystem:

1. Tarebi Alebiosu: Managing Director at Yoke Solutions Limited.
2. Maya Horgan Famodu: Entrepreneur and founder of Ingressive Capital.
3. Lola Masha: Director for Trust and Safety at OLX Group.
4. Koromone Koroye: Formerly at Flutterwave, now in Communications and Marketing for Clane Nigeria.
5. Ifeoluwa Olokode: Partnerships & Growth Lead at LifeBank.
6. Folayemi Agusto: Travel Experience Manager at a technology company called Andela.
7. Desiree Craig: Technology Product Manager at Andela.


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