6 ways to market a software product

Congratulations on launching your software product. You’ve come a long way but that is virtually the beginning of the journey. Like any normal product, it is not going to sell itself but needs various efforts to get it out there. And this is often not an easy task.

In Ghana and many parts of Africa where there is low adoption of software or online products, the task is even going to be harder but there are always ways to go about them.

A solid marketing strategy for technology products is essential for generating leads and boosting your company’s bottom line. It is also essential for meeting your revenue targets as an entity focused on making profits. These are some useful hints to about it;

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Personalised Presentations/Meetings

This is the most important thing you should probably prioritise. When talking about your software product, you should be able to design the presentation slides to suit your prospective client’s scenario. This often happens throughout the face-to-face meeting with the client. At this meeting, try to make the demo be in action to these clients.


You may want to also let your customers get to have a feel of what your product looks like. Nobody will want to purchase something they have not set their eyes on so it is logical in that regard. It is imperative that you provide the demo on your website so that visitors can explore it. This demo should not showcase too much of what you intend to offer in its entirety.


Optimise website for PC and mobile

A bad experience by a visitor on your web page could ruin the chances of him or her buying your product. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and use. Make regular review of your website, its user interface, your content and site structure. Ensure that it meets standards and is secured against an external attack. In summary, your UX/UI should be top notch.


Provide tutorials and training on your product

Your company may have a customer support system but a structured training in the form of animated video or downloadable content is key in giving your prospective clients a good experience. Mind you, this is not only essential when the customer buys the product but showing the training makes it easier for them to patronise it.


Third party reviews

Getting your software product reviewed by professional reviewers also gives it an opinion from a third eye. You may also contact JBKlutse to explore it and make reviews on the software product, thereby marketing it in the process.


Exhibit at tech conferences and trade shows

There is a high chance your stand (and product) is going to be visited by the hundreds or thousands of conference attendees. Share brochures and take emails to market the product to them later on. Keep an eye on conferences like this in the coming years to attend and exhibit your product.

Finally, it is important you leverage on most of the points above to ensure your product get the needed attention and revenue targets.


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