Hiring a locksmith for a job is probably an easy thing, but it would be wrong to say that you know how much capable a locksmith is. A locksmith does a lot more than handling the lockouts and lock replacements. Like every profession has its trade secrets so does the locksmith, that’s why don’t judge the book by its front page.

It is extremely useful to understand the full scope of a field because it not only increases your knowledge but broader the thinking as well. So, learn a few facts about this profession before hiring the professional locksmiths in town. The following are the top secrets of a locksmith that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Wide range of skills

The expertise of a locksmith lies in locks indeed but they are capable of much more than that. For example, a locksmith can help you with the car locks and with the safety lockers as well. it is also possible to hire their services for lock testing and key making.

A locksmith might seem like a basic profession but they are playing a vital role in keeping you and your precious safe. Becoming professional locksmiths isn’t an easy task because it is a highly demanding profession and they have to bear a lot of pressure at work.

2. Most of their work is an emergency

Regardless of the type of work you do how much of your work deals with emergencies? Probably a few percent, but for a locksmith, almost every call is an emergency. The locksmiths that offer services 24/7 know that a distress call can come from anytime. That’s why they have to stay prepared all the time.

A lot happens to the locks and the rate of emergencies keep increasing. Because almost every situation easily falls into the category of emergency unless you ordered an extra key or a lock replacement at some point. A lot of people think that a locksmith spends fun time in a workshop and hardly sweats, but in fact, the reality is quite different.

3. They have a custom toolkit

You are probably under the impression that a locksmith just buys a perfect toolkit from the supermarket and starts working. Well, that’s not the case for most locksmiths. When a locksmith hones his skills, he understands that the commercially available tools are a barrier to his skills.

That’s when he starts doing some modifications to the existing tools and finally comes with a unique solution that complements his skills. This way he can deal with a lockout a lot faster than expected. From all the tools in his bag he uses the custom tools the most because until he has them in his toolkit, he’s invincible.

4. Lock replacement is quite expensive

Among other secrets, this one is a bit different. When people hire a locksmith for a job, they usually don’t discriminate the lock opening and lock replacement. A big reason for that is that their mind is preoccupied with the problem they are facing.

They just want to get over with the situation and they don’t realize that the lock opening is way cheaper as compared to the lock replacement. They just push the locksmith to break the lock and install a new one later to save time.

As a result, they have to pay a higher cost because replacement not only requires a new lock but increases the working hours as well. So, keep this fact in mind when you hire a locksmith for an emergency.

5. Cheap locks are easy to break

There are different kinds of locks and their quality varies greatly depending on the price you pay for them. You probably don’t know this fact but a majority of the locks that you find in the supermarket are easily breakable. The reason for that is the use of lower quality material and poor technology.

You would be lucky if you survive a few burglar attacks with it. A lock that it is commonly available in the market is quite popular and the burglar who is breaking the lock would probably have dealt with a similar kind before. So, invest in locks if you want to be safe.

6. The locksmith can duplicate an automotive key

A lot of people are under the impression that a locksmith that can duplicate a common lock key can’t do it for a car. That’s partially true because creating a car key is similar to the common lock key creation.

The only thing that is different is the key fob because not all locksmiths are equipped with the key fob-making equipment. If you own an old car that doesn’t have a key fob, you can order locksmith service indiscriminately.

Locksmiths do a lot of stuff that is hidden from people and a few of those things are listed above. Now that you are aware of the facts your decisions should reflect it when you do the hiring next time.

Remember that the biggest threat to the lock is personal intervention. If you lost your key the locksmith can open the lock for you, but not if you have tempered with it.

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