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Weddings are enticing, romantic and lively. The mere feeling of being together with someone we love is amazing.

Everyone and everywhere around, we can feel the vibes of positivity, happiness, and togetherness. A wedding doesn’t just bring the bride and groom together, or their families, but also a multitude of guests who we might have never seen.

The distant relatives and friends, neighbours, colleagues, all make their entrance in this pious day to give their best wishes and blessings to the demure couple. But, with the best wishes and blessings, the laughter and oneness come the biggest fear, that of judgment.

We try our best to have a grand wedding and a lavish reception and believe that they are bound to be expensive. But, are they? We usually believe that if we try to cut on the expenses, many a quagmire gets created and the ‘vibes’ that we wanted don’t seep in.

In some countries, the burden of a wedding’s expenditure is so huge that the family has to take a loan or even sell their house.

The orthodox beliefs and people pleasing attitudes prevail till date in our society. Moreover, a wedding only happens once(usually) and people try to have all their fancies and fantasies come alive this very day.

Are their ways to live the dream, yet in a ‘tight’ budget and that too, without the guests noticing? Well, well, there’s always scope for “innovation’.

1. Look for wedding planners:

What? Wedding planners? But, aren’t they believed to be a luxury? Won’t it add to another set of expenses? Well, no. Wedding planners are professionals who excel at their work and have a pretty good experience an affair with the subject.

They will provide you exactly the best of what you want, but in a customized manner which goes well with your pocket. You just need to tell them your budget and ask them to make the best out of it. Recently, the theme of ‘location themed’ weddings is in trend, for the people who dream of destination weddings but cannot really afford it.

Dreams always have a value, but they need not be just monetary. Everything can be tackled well with smartness and yes, a shot of Chivas Regal.

2. A meal plan:

Prepare a meal plan in advance, so that you can adjust your budget accordingly. Order a simple cake rather than going heavy on decors and fillings.

Let a simple and hearty meal be the center of attraction and not some exotic bunch. Have a signature cocktail and look out for the best combinations of white wine vs red wine. Cut on champagne or save it for later.

3. DIY cards and DJ:

Customised simple wedding invitations and other handmade cards are a great alternative to the ordered ones. Painting forms and calligraphy can be put for the desired effect.

My sister, who is a designer had prepared some cool invitations in used up glass bottles by inserting sparkles and a note inside. It looked so elegant, yet easy and extremely cheap. Make use of the easily available things and get creative with your invitations. It will be a touch that surely no one ever forgets.

Another cost-effective step can be playing your own flute or being your own DJ. You can make a list of your favourite songs and also take into consideration that of the close guests and trends. There are a number of apps these days which will effectively cut the DJ cost and make the dance floor sizzle. You can also organize a Karaoke for a change.

4. DIY decor:

Put your creativity on wheels and set on decorating the place yourself. Get innovative, take help from friends and neighbours and prepare a subtle and sweet environment all around.

Look for economical alternatives and go for the flowers and decors that stand well in your budget. You can also auction them later after the wedding at various sites or stores. My sister had a dove themed wedding, the decor of which she sold later in her collections.

The money saved on decor can effectively be used to buy your dream corset wedding gown. Also throwing in some classy lingerie with some nice bullet bras for your upcoming honeymoon is not at all a bad idea.

5. Cutting out the guests:

Guests are undoubtedly crucial, and when it comes to weddings, we have a whole bucket of people we cordially want to invite. But, that’s where most of the expenses come from.

Do a thorough analysis of your guest’s list and remove some distant people from it. Make a list where you prioritize your guests and thence start removing from the bottom.

As a final thought, you don’t really need to go light on your fancies, for true love and weddings are worth it, just be innovate and save where you can.

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