Have you ever been interrupted by the buffering of videos while you are streaming them live? If you are someone who uses various streaming platforms available online to watch your favorite movies, the answer is most likely yes.

In the earlier days, you had the privilege (or inconvenience, depending on which end of the spectrum you belong to) of spending on DVDs and other expensive equipment to enable a theatre-like experience at home. Today, however, content is king and fast consumption of content is the queen.

In this article, we discuss 5 ways to improve your movie streaming experience online. Let’s get streaming!

Invest in a smart TV

Yes, we understand that one of the reasons that you stream movies online is because it is cheaper. However, with new technology surpassing human thought, it makes sense to invest in a smart TV.

One cannot deny that the experience of watching a movie on a 4K display is much better than holding your tiny phone in your hand and always worrying about dropping it. The best part of a smart TV is that it connects directly to the internet.

There are two major ways of doing so. One, you can use an ethernet port (this is faster and is recommended). Two, you can use the good old Wi-Fi. Use whatever floats your boat. The results are beautiful. 

Streaming Apps

Choice of a streaming app is as important as the choice of your internet service provider. Some streaming apps provide a lot of exclusive content but their streaming service is not up to the mark. On the other hand, there are some streaming apps that have lesser movies but offer superb quality.

It is up to you to choose the streaming app that suits you but checking out reviews available online is one of the easiest ways to decide upon a particular streaming app.

If you have some extra money, spending on hardware like a smart TV and an upgraded router makes sense. The difference that such hardware makes to your movie streaming experience online is remarkable.

But one need not rot in despair if you are on a stringent budget. Offers and discounts online along with advancements in technology can be taken advantage of to ensure a better movie streaming experience online. Additionally, with the easy availability of free streaming services like Couchtuner, one can save a lot of money as there is no need to pay the subscription fee. 

Adjust Streaming Settings

Now, this is for all you students who cannot spend a single dollar apart from your rent and WiFi. But more often than not, the video keeps buffering and you cannot enjoy it to your liking. At this point, you do not need to feel sorry for yourself. There are ways to improve your movie streaming experience even without spending any additional money. All you need to do is change the stream settings.

Most of these streaming platforms and sites offer you to play movies at various resolutions and quality. If your internet speed is not up to the mark for the best resolution, then it is better to opt for a level below the best resolution and watch the movie seamlessly which is much better than waiting endlessly for the video to start again.

Get High Speed Internet Connection

It is important to know how to improve internet speeds for streaming.  Apart from the ease of streaming with a high-speed internet connection, you must also be remembered that if you do not spend on a TV or any other device and prefer to watch on your phone, then an internet connection is your only expense.

It is important for you to compare internet plans from both phone companies and cable companies. In some areas, phone companies offer cheaper rates and in other areas, cable companies offer the best rates. It is recommended that you need at least 15Mbps if you want to stream the best quality videos (that is 4K quality).

high speed internet

Use the correct router

Now, this is one of the technical ways to improve your online streaming experience and it might make sense to that technologically savvy side of yours, you need to choose the correct router for your home or office. Why do I need to use a different router? I already have one from my internet service provider.

Here is the fact. The WiFi router provided by your internet service provider is most often the cheapest one available on the block. Furthermore, the speed required in these streaming apps or websites is much beyond the physical capacity of these routers.

Therefore, it is imperative that you upgrade your router and ensure two important things. First, all areas of your house receive the WiFi signal. Second, the speed of the signal is competitive.

Time to grab a bucket of popcorn and start with your favorite movie/TV show.

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