Work Order Tracking has witnessed an unprecedented transformation, especially in recent years. The data deluge that has swept most industries has radically altered the Work Order Management system in modern times.

The days of using pen and paper to track work orders are passé. Real-time Work Order software is the need of the hour owing to the rapidly evolving nature of work. There are plenty of ways to improve efficiency in this domain to maximize customer satisfaction and improve productivity.
To help you make the right decisions, we have compiled a list of 5 ways to improve work order tracking –

1. Standardised work order creation

It is sound practice to make sure that a new work order is created each time for every project. This helps in keeping track of even a minor work request which ensures cohesiveness and reliability on all fronts, especially with your maintenance department.
The category that each work order or maintenance request falls into is equally crucial as that forms the base for effective tracking at a future time.
Most mobile device apps that are available allow for significant customizations in categories to fit the needs of every business. A temptation to bypass the system would be omnipresent, but it is up to the management to enforce protocols such that they are diligently followed at all times.

2. Visibility to the right users

Access management and asset management should be meticulously planned so that service requests and subsequent solutions are provided by the right people who are authorized to do so.
It is important to avoid providing access to too many people because of:

  • Greater chances of more-than-required hands interrupting the workflow
  • It may create a chaotic situation owing to too many reviewers to manage work orders and maintenance tasks

At the same time, granting access to too few should be avoided because:

  • The right people may face difficulty in tracking key milestones if they are not in the loop
  • Timely status updates provided to the managers help to resolve queries faster

3. Effective execution

In order to ensure the effective execution of a given task, they first need to be assigned to the right people who can complete the task in time.

  • Authorized persons should be able to create work orders, view milestone completeness and add their comments
  • All information must be automatically shared with the shareholders
  • Instructions on how the job must be carried out need to be clearly provided
  • Status reports must be available to all authorized persons

The right software will allow you to do all of the above and some more. Additionally, with the ubiquity of mobile apps, there is no reason why such software should not be used more extensively.

4. Exercise diligence in tracking maintenance inventory

There is nothing worse than a work order that cannot be processed as the parts required are in short supply. This results in customer dissatisfaction and adds needless stress on the shoulders of facility managers and impacts service reliability.
Thankfully, all of this can be overcome by using the right CMMS software. A maintenance management software can empower your team to diligently monitor all aspects of their work and keep a record of it in the cloud. This eliminates the institutional knowledge that builds up and causes bottlenecks in organizations.
The first step is to use the software to consolidate all product information into a single database. Once the work order management software captures the data, an integrated system would alert the facility manager when a particular product is in short supply, well in advance. This reduces disruption down the chain, creating a more efficient system.

5. Study KPIs

Data analytics is the buzzword in corporate circles and field service management, and this has been made possible by the wide use of software that captures every little detail across the supply chain.
The right kind of analytics can help businesses to make changes such as:

  • Allocate existing resources better
  • Consider the need for additional resources
  • Improve interdepartmental communication by breaking down silos
  • Understand downtime across asset groups
  • Find ways to eliminate bottlenecks

Studying data captured at the customer-end can help you personalize user experience. Identifying behavioral patterns can assist businesses in making more financially sound decisions.


The increasingly complex supply chains of today require diligent planning. Work Order Tracking – while it sounds simple on the surface, requires plenty of attention from all stakeholders involved. Effective implementation doesn’t have to be a challenge from the software side, but organizational buy-in, even if it is only within a specific team, is critical to success.
Thanks to sophisticated technology, like mobile work orders,  a lot of repetitive tasks can be automated, and one can focus on key strategic decisions that will have a long-term impact on the future of the company and maintenance team. Following the above steps will surely help businesses reach their goals faster and serve customers better.


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