5 tips for men in picking the right flowers for her

5 tips for men in picking the right flowers for her

Giving someone you love any gift is a daunting prospect, especially if you’re giving them flowers. You might think that picking flowers is as simple as pointing one out of the display and sticking a card to it, but there’s more work to it than that. You’ll need to remember your partner’s favourite colour, which flowers signify what, and of course, you’ll have to consider your budget as well.

To help you out, we’ve listed 5 tips on picking the right flowers for her.

1. Focus on the colour

When picking flowers for your girl, think about her favourite colours. If you’re early into the relationship and are not sure what it is, then think about the colours she often wears or has around, such as her clothes, her phone casing, her bag, you can even take inspiration from the colour of her car. Chances are, the answers are there if you’re observant enough to check. Certain colours also signify a particular meaning. If you’re not sure which one represents which, asking the florist is a safe bet.

2. Pick flowers that are in season

This is more of a practical tip than anything else. Some flowers are available the entire year, but others only bloom in specific seasons. This means that some flowers have prices that fluctuate wildly, depending on the season. Peonies and tulips, for example, only bloom during spring or summer, so if your wife or girlfriend likes them, then you should probably wait until they’re in season, so you can save money.

3. Mix things up a little

While giving your loved one roses is a good gesture, they’ve basically become so common that everyone can see it coming. Bringing home a bouquet of roses just isn’t as creative as it was a few decades ago. When picking flowers, try and avoid roses if it’s not Valentine’s day. A good website to look at is https://anthemionflowers.gr/attica_en/authimeron-apostoli.html if you’re talking about variety, such as tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums and orchids, but they also have roses if you really want them. You can also add different flowers together so you can truly give her something to brighten up her room.

4. Be open for suggestions

If you’re not that coordinated when choosing the right flowers, then you can get help from the floral designer. They will listen to what you want, what your partner’s personality is like, and have everything fit with your style and budget. If you can dream something up, a good florist will make it a reality for you.

5. Choose the right filler plants

Not everything you put in bouquets are flowers. To create impressive bouquets, many florists incorporate fillers to add depth and size to an otherwise plain collection. Plants like the poms, delphinium and a bit of eucalyptus works great for this. They add visual contrast to the entire bouquet, encouraging the eyes to focus more on the bigger blooms.

Although it may seem like a cliché to some, the thought of getting your partner a gift is better than the gift itself. 99% of the work involved in buying flowers is simply trying. Most of the time, regardless of what you choose, your partner will love you for it all the same.

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