How exactly does a man know that a woman likes him? The truth is you never know for certain until she tells you, but there are signs that will give her away. See 5 things a woman does that will prove she is mad over you:
1. Dresses up: I am not talking about her wearing her best dress every time when you both meet up, I mean her putting in the effort to impress you with her dress.
2. Jealousy: Women will always prefer to hide their jealousy, but if they like you, they just cannot help but feel jealous in such a way that it will be very obvious.
3. Secrets: If she tells you her deepest secrets, she trusts and likes you completely.
4. Indulges your excesses: When she likes you, you tend to get away with a lot of things.
5. Playful: Women love to stay classy, but when she shows you her playful and goofy side, you are different from the other guys.

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