As time passes, our device is filled with garbage and more garbage. It does not matter if your iPhone is 16 GB or 256 GB, in the long run, the memory of your terminal is going to decrease to the point where you want to sell it to buy another.
If your iPhone is  about to explode, in this article we leave you 5 simple ways to free memory on your device with iOS system.

1. Clear The Cache Of Some Applications

The accumulated cache of some applications is one of the worst things that can be. It turns out that, over time, each of the apps accumulates “junk” to fill the memory of our iPhone. There is no application that does not do this, however, some of them let us control the situation a bit.
For example, with the Twitter app, we can keep the amount of accumulated cache at bay. Just go to Settings and Privacy and then tap Data usage to find the accumulated cache.
Clear The Cache Of Some ApplicationsPin
This option can be found in many applications such as Telegram or even WhatsApp. Take the test and start searching.

2. Delete Everything From iPhone Completely

You’ll find that files and data take up most of your iPhone’s storage space, and if I’m not wrong, there are many things you don’t need, such as text messages, contacts, photos , videos, music and other files . If there are too much data or files , you may be in serious trouble with deleting them, since it will take you a long time to find and delete one by one from your iPhone ,
So, delete everything that you no longer need to see by following these steps:

  • Download and install the SafeWiper for iOS from its website(On computer)
  • Contact iPhone to the computer and Launch this toolDelete Everything From iPhone CompletelyPin
  • Detect and scan your iPhone
  • Select the data or flies that you don’t need on “Preview”
  • Click “Erase” button to completely delete them from iPhoneDelete Everything From iPhone Completely 2Pin

Ready, with this you should have already released some memory on your iPhone.


3. Take Photos In “High Efficiency” Mode

The “High Efficiency” mode was one of the great achievements that came with iOS 11. With this new feature, the photos you take with your iPhone will be saved with half the weight they used to have. So, if a photo weighed 8 MB, it will now have a total weight of approximately 4 MB.
Take Photos In High Efficiency ModePin
This function is activated by default on your iPhone, but if you unintentionally turned it off, you only have to go to the Camera section of the Settings menu to activate it again.

4. Do Not Save The Photos In Duplicate

If you use the HDR photo mode of the iPhone or Instagram often, you may have noticed that your phone automatically saves two photos: the HDR version and the normal version (or, in the case of Instagram, the filtered and re-framed by Instagram and the normal version).
To prevent HDR photos from being saved in duplicate, open Settings and go to Photos and Camera. Go down to the bottom and uncheck Keep still photo. To prevent Instagram photos from being saved in duplicate, open the Instagram app, click on the profile tab and then click on the Settings icon (the little wheel) in the upper right corner. Under History settings, uncheck Save shared photos.

5.Uses iCloud Storage

Uses iCloud CtoragePin
Remember that you do not need to have hundreds of photos, videos and songs on your iPhone. If you store them in the cloud you can access them every time there is an internet connection without having to occupy the memory of your device.
You can take advantage of Apple’s own service, iCloud, which offers you 5GB of free storage. But there is also a multitude of free and affordable options on the market, such as Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive.
These tricks will help you free up space on your iPhone, and you’ll see that SafeWiper is the only third-party tool among them because it has powerful data deletion function, you can delete everything from iPhone permanently, before using it, remember to back up important data for your iPhone.
If you have other ways, I look forward to your sharing.
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