Are you confused as to whether your partner is in love with you or not?
Knowing if someone is in love with you can be quite tricky at times. However, some relationship experts will tell you there are ways to find out. See 5 shocking signs that prove someone is in love with you:
1. Long Conversations: Does this person speak with you for a long time when you both talk? The person adores your company.
2. They’re always there for you: Is the person there to listen to your troubles when you badly need someone to talk to? If yes, they obviously cherish you.
3. Intense eye gaze: Eye contact is very important. It is a very unique nonverbal sign that tells a whole lot about a person’s feelings.
4. Proper attention: If he or she gives you his or her complete attention during a visit, it tells a lot.
5. They do not forget the little things: Did he or she buy that hat you said you liked 1 year ago or did the person remind you about something you have even forgotten you said? These are important signs.

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