A personal injury lawyer is hired when you want to file for compensation in a court of law after you have suffered serious injuries due to a road accident, slip and fall accident or even in a situation of the ignorance of a home care facility. The advantage of hiring a lawyer is that able to speed up the compensation process and also ensure you get an amount that’s equal to the pain you encountered. If you opt to go solo, you may not be able to prove that the other party is responsible for causing the accident. You will actually lose the case because you don’t understand the dynamics of the law. On the other hand, most accident victims don’t know the things to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney. It’s only after losing the case that they realize they hired the wrong attorney to represent them in such a sensitive matter. Here are the questions you should ask the lawyer you intend to hire.

1. Years of Experience

It’s important you inquire about a lawyer’s experience before signing the agreement form. An experienced lawyer is one that has practised the profession of providing legal services for many years such as Aronberg Law Boca Raton. Such a lawyer is able to present a strong case against the other party and prove your innocence. They also know what to do when they need to gather solid evidence. They also increase your chances of getting a fair trial because they are well connected in the judicial system.

2. Number of Similar Cases Won

Before you hire a lawyer, you want to be sure that they will be able to make a strong argument against the other party. Their ability to guarantee victory on your side is largely dependent on their field of specialization. Keep in mind that law is a very diverse profession. There are lawyers that deal with divorce matters while others handle criminal cases. You should, therefore, seek to find out whether your lawyer has handled similar cases in the past and won. You can actually ask for the contacts of his previous clients that he has worked for in the past. This will prepare you on what to expect in the final end.

3. Legal Fees

Hiring a lawyer without first agreeing on legal fees is a huge mistake.  This is because a dispute will arise when paying the lawyer for offering legal services to you.  By asking about fees in advance, you will be able to determine whether the lawyer’s budget is affordable or beyond your means. Reputable lawyers will actually insist that you wait until they have won the case to pay them. Such an agreement is irresistible because you have nothing to lose if they don’t guarantee your victory.

4. How often you will be Updated on the Case

There are some lawyers that vanish after you have made your down payment. They don’t even bother to update you on the progress of the matter in court. When the lawyer communicates effectively with you, it’s easy to predict the end result. Besides that, when the lawyer spends time with you, he will be able to get more solid facts about the case and get to know your responsibilities.

5. Availability

In case you are not aware, all legal issues have a validity period. If you take too long in filing your claim, your case will definitely be ignored. For instance, you can’t file for compensation after two years from the date that the accident happened. You must, therefore, hire a lawyer that’s not too busy with other cases so that the lawsuit can be filed while the issue is still hot.  

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