5 Myths And Facts About Natural Hair

Are you considering going natural and are sceptical? Do the things people tell you about maintaining natural hair scare you?

Here are a few myths and facts people have about natural black hair:

1. It is high maintenance.

Fact:  It can be overwhelming at times; hair products would not always work as they should, your styles would not always turn out well no matter how well you prepped your hair the previous night and your worst nightmare; hair looking less maintained even though you just worked on your hair a few minutes ago. The struggle can be real but you would love it if you learn how to take care of it. Keeping natural hair will teach you how to be patient!  Knowing what works for you will not let you spend too much on your hair. What you have to know is no two hairs are ever the same; even twins do have differences in their hairs. Ranging from 2b to 4c hair or coarse to fine hair textures. What benefits Adwoa might not benefit you. Read and follow hair forums on how to maintain and keep good healthy hair. It can be a daunting task at times. Natural hair is very versatile. Once you understand your own hair, you would love it and discover how much you can do with, without it costing much.

2. It will hurt when you comb

Fact: There is a right mode for everything. It does not hurt when you do it right. Yes, this is coming from someone with a 4c hair. It is all about how you go about it. You can’t comb natural unprocessed hair as you would when it is processed/relaxed. First of all, before you think of combing your hair when it is dry, you must mist the hair with water and oil focusing on the ends, picking through your hair with your fingers to detangle before going in with a comb. Start with the tips before getting through to the roots. This would be a ritual for a normal day. However, the best time to comb your hair thoroughly is when you apply conditioner to your hair after shampooing on your wash day. In between wash days or salon visits, you can just mist your hair with water and pick with your fingers. You would not have to always comb through your hair if you do not have a protective styling on. So don’t fret, natural sistas don’t go about in the morning crying and trying to pull out their combs that get stuck in their hair when combing their hair 🙂

3. It will feel heavy

Fact: No it is not heavy and does not weigh your head down. On the contrary, it feels light until you add hairpiece. God made no mistake. Imagine even with hair extensions when you have protective styles but doesn’t feel heavy for you. How much more would your own hair and though it can be voluminous, no matter how dense, long or thick your hair is, it feels just right.

4. Your hair is so long and curly. You must be mixed

Fact: Just as some mixed girls have very kinky hair, 100% African ladies can have very long hair and very loose curly hair too. You do not have to be mixed to have long curly hair. You can also have healthy long hair (and be very black!) however, not taking very good care of it, and not use good products that work for you will not guarantee you one. Genetics also determines how fast, how curly or kinky your hair grows. If your hair is not growing anymore, you are dead! J So whilst it might take quite some time for some people to see growth, no need to stress if your hair does not grow as fast as another’s in their natural hair journey. It’s a myth on pure Africans not having long or/and curly natural hair. Check out Kendra and Kelsey of Glamtwinz fame of from Atlanta.

5. ‘I do not have good hair like yours so I keep braiding and doing stuff with it’’.

Fact: No there is nothing like good hair or bad hair naturally. Yes, we have different textures, different coil patterns, rapid hair and slow hair growth which is genetically driven, low porosity and high porosity. With all these facts, not taken care of your hair can make it look unkempt and get your hair damaged. The difference between you and the one who has ‘good hair’ is that they take care of it. Fact is you just have to be good to your hair. If you let your hair rest with less manipulation and invest the money in pampering your own hair, you would love it too. There is nothing wrong with protective styling, it is recommended but what some call protective styling is far from protecting your hair from damage! Choose your protective styles wisely and remember the key to hair maintenance and length is less manipulation. There is so much you can do with your natural God-given hair. So let your hair do its own thing, be beautiful.

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