You got a new Windows computer? If you are especially new to the Windows environment or not really versed in it, you wouldn’t know what to do. Well, I got these few free best apps to get you started.
These apps listed here are free to download and use but some may have premium versions that you’d have to pay for.

Free best apps for new Windows computers


Ninite gives you a jumpstart to get all essential programs for your new Windows machine. Go the website, select the apps (web browsers, messaging apps, media players, document and image editors) you want to use on the machine. Ninite will bundle all of them into one installer and install them on your computer.
ninite free best app on new Windows


This app here is something like an upgraded version of the search tool in Windows and even Mac. Wox lets you find apps and files or quickly search the web — very similar to Mac’s Alfred. It can even translate languages for you without having to open another program.
Wox free best app on new Windows


As podcasts, indie music production, and other audio projects are growing these days, you’ll definitely need a good audio creator. Audacity is here for you. There are a lot of recording tools to help with any kind of audio project you’re embarking on. All these are free of charge.

VLC Media Player

VLC is probably the first choice of media players anybody would recommend. It is simple, open-source, and effective. It even has versions for almost all the other top platforms, from desktop to mobile.
free best app on new Windows VLC


Now, you should be thinking of an extra layer of security for your online accounts. A good password manager should be able to prevent identity theft and track all your passwords.
lastpass on new iphone
LastPass is able to do that work just fine. It will save your passwords, add your ID and passwords to your apps automatically. LastPass is free but you can opt for the premium version, which is $3 per month.

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