iPhone features on Android 10

Google released Android 10 in the first week of September and this version of the Android operating software seems to have taken a couple of good features from the iPhone and its operating iOS. We already brought a few features that were coming with the Android 10 update.

Well, this piece is going to outline some of the features that Google copied from Apple’s iPhones and pasted them on its latest OS update.

These features were long overdue on Android considering it being the biggest mobile OS all around the globe and the importance of these features. Thus, it is a good idea that Android users also have a feel of the goodies in iPhones.

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Android 10 features copied from the iPhone

1. Location permission

First of all, we should point out that the focus of the Android 10 update was heavily on privacy. With the location permission feature, particular apps can now be granted access to your location permission only when you are using them.

andoid 10 location permission feature

This is a way to prevent apps from having access and using your location data even if they are just running in the background all the time. This important privacy has already been fitted into Apple Apple’s iOS and iPhones in the past.

2. Sound Amplifier

In iOS 12, Apple brought us an accessibility feature that doubles the user’s own surveillance tool. The Live Listen tool, when enabled in the Control Centre, can be used with your AirPods (or PowerBeats Pro) to listen to all the audio captured through the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) mic in real-time.

It’s like you’re live-streaming your environment but in audio. That is what Google’s new Sound Amplifier feature does. Google’s version of this feature is more practical than the one on iOS.

The Sound Amplifier on Android 10 only works with earphones using a 3.5mm jack to Type-C port. Apple’s Live only work with AirPods and PowerBeats Pro. You’ll have your earpiece in your ears like you’re listening to music but you’re actually listening the people around you.

3. Audio Balancer

I wonder how Android didn’t have this feature, because it is really nothing new.
In the iPhone’s Accessibility page, there is the option to balance volume levels for your right and left audio channels. This feature can now be found on Android’s accessibility suite, thanks to Android 10.

This is especially helpful for people who have trouble hearing from one of their ears. You just adjust the volume towards the flawed ear to have an equal audio volume for both ears.

4. WiFi Password Sharing

On iOS or iPhones, you can share your WiFi connection with, say, a friend without having to tell them your password. Apple brought this feature because a lot of people may be willing to share their network but not the WiFi passwords itself since they barely change them regularly.

Android 10 WiFi password sharing feature

Well, Google has also brought the feature to Android 10, though Google’s version of the feature works somewhat differently. Google’s version of the WiFi password sharing feature seems more practical.

You can use a QR code to share your password with others. Visitors in your home would just have to scan the QR code on phones that are connected to the WiFi so they don’t keep asking for the password.

5. Gesture Navigation

Actually, Google brought this feature in the previous Android Pie. The only problem was that it was half-baked. Google rushed to bring the feature Android and faced some criticisms.

Well, the gesture navigations feature on the Android 10 works almost as fluid as the iPhone version. For instance, you can swipe along the bottom of the screen to switch between the apps.

The “return” or “back” gesture on iPhone is also available on Android 10 You swipe from the left edge to go to the previous page.

These are actually just some of the features copied from the iPhone by Android 10. We say copied because we saw the features on iOS first, so, Google has really not done anything bad.


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