Best Mac cleaner software 2019

Your Mac computer could be slowing down due to build-up junk that is cloaking it. If that is the case, you then need cleaners to optimise the computer. This piece is exactly what you need. It will give you five of the best mac cleaner apps to help you speed up your Mac computer.

There are lots of these Mac cleaner apps out there. But be careful as not all of them do the things they profess. Some of them steal user data without the user’s knowledge. An example of such bad software is Dr Cleaner. This program was secretly uploading users’ personal data.

Below is a list of the 5 of the best Mac cleaners apps you can use right now.

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Best Mac Cleaner apps in 2019

1. OnyX

OnyX is from Titanium and it is one of the best free Mac Cleaner software out there. It has an arsenal of rich selection of tools and commands. Aside from its cleaning and maintenance abilities, OnyX has utility tools for building databases and indexes.

It also includes a bunch of macOS utilities like screen sharing, storage management, network diagnosis, and a lot more. OnyX has in-depth maintenance tools as well as hidden settings. And it is free!

2. CCleaner

CCleaner for Mac computers

This is one of the most popular free junk cleaning software across all platforms — MacOS, Windows, and even Android. CCleaner is a lightweight optimisation software so there is no need to worry about the space it will take up.

It also offers a simple and user-friendly interface with big sized options. Though CCleaner is a paid program, it still has a completely free version which does not lack the most important features. CCleaner offers loads of other system optimisation tools such as an application uninstaller and a large files finder.

In the CCleaner app, you can find and halt several startup programs, which might make your Mac machine run a little faster. The paid version of CCleaner is $12.49

3. CleanMyMacX


This is one of the best Mac cleaners in 2019. It comes with a whole package of cool features. CleanMyMacX has a “Smart Scan” feature that scans your Mac computer to search for potential security threats and performance issues.

You can also start with specific clean-up sections. There are also scans like Photo Junk, Mail attachments, Malware Removal, etc. CleanMyMacX is easy to navigate. The “Uninstaller” and “Shredder” feature leaves no trace of deleted files/apps.

CleanMyMacX costs about $35 but the free trial lets you remove a max amount of 500MB worth of data.

4. AppCleaner

AppCleaner for Mac

AppCleaner is also another Mac utility that can clean up your computer for the optimum speed. This software is touted to be truthful —no stealing of users’ data. It also does its work so well, i.e. thoroughly clearing junk.

Another exciting feature of this software is that unlike other Mac cleaners that offer only free trials, AppCleaner is absolutely free. AppCleaner is really useful for those that used up all of their storage because of unwanted apps.

This Mac cleaner, aside clearing unwanted apps, also clears out files and folders that an application may have distributed during its initial installation.

5. DaisyDisk


DaisyDisk is cleaner that appeals much to the user thanks to its different color groupings. The files are categorised on a visual interactive map. Click on a file element and you are taken to another interactive circular breakdown of files.

The design of DaisyDisk makes the space freeing task much easy. DaisyDisk offers a free trial and the main product can be bought for 10 bucks.


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