Whether you want to browse the internet more anonymously, or you’re running a business based on multi-accounting, a good anti-detect browser can help. Though similar to popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, anti-detect browsers hide your browser fingerprints.

As more and more people and businesses realize this, more options appear on the market. So, choosing one is not as easy as you may think. But don’t worry as if we’ve made a list of the five best anti-detect browsers to help you choose the ideal one.

Top 5 Anti-Detect Browsers for Fingerprint Spoofing

Anti-detect browsers are ideal if you’re looking for online anonymity, running multiple accounts on social media, running Google AdWords, or controlling merchant profiles on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Here are the best options on the market, in no particular order:

1. AntBrowser

The simple interface of this browser makes it easy to use even for beginners. Working on the basis of Firefox, it allows you to open and run as many accounts as you need on a single computer.

You can easily switch profiles without worrying about any limitations as they all have unique IP addresses, user agents, language, time zone, and other parameters that form a visual real device.

AntBrowser saves cache, tabs, and cookies, thus making it easier for you when you return to your previous place of work. It supports proxies, cloning profiles, and synchronizing data on various devices.

2. Linken Sphere

Besides managing multiple accounts, this serious anti-detect browser can also be used for bypassing ad verification or fraud systems. Instead of hiding the parameters that services would require, it uses your inputs to create a fake browser persona. This way, it makes it look like you’re someone else to the services so they won’t be able to identify you.

Other useful features of Linken Sphere include a fake IP leak, data encryption, storing prints and cookies from every session, and built-in anti-detection.

3. Ghost Browser

This is one of the most popular anti-detect browsers for tech professionals such as social media managers, plugin developers, web developers, QA testers, and web designers. It’s a Chromium-based tool that offers a dedicated workspace and multi-session browsing identities.


Also, it allows you to choose from temporary or permanent identities so you can isolate and manage cookies more easily. On top of that, you can assign a different Ghost Browser proxy to each tab or browser profile to ensure better anonymity and flexibility.

4. Multilogin

Multilogin is one of the most stable and widely-used anti-detect browsers for managing multiple accounts. Known as the Indigo Browser for Russian users, it’s one of the few anti-detect browsers that don’t work by just disabling WebGL, Canvas, and other major parameters.

Instead, it tries to hide your browser fingerprint completely which makes it extremely reliable. Multilogin allows you to use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and other browsers with different browser fingerprints. It also lets you change individual parameters or create unique browser profiles.

Depending on the plan, the browser allows up to ten users to control the accounts. It may be a bit expensive, but all these features make it worth it.

5. Aezakmi Browser

Powered by Chromium v81, the Aezakmi browser makes you invisible on the internet which can be very useful when it comes to social media marketing, multi-accounting, traffic arbitrage, betting forks, and contextual advertising.

What puts it in our top 5 anti-detect browsers is the ability to have several fingerprints in one browser window. This way, each fingerprint represents a unique session, so in the eyes of websites, each session is another user in another location using another device. This makes Aezakmi ideal for anyone managing multiple social media accounts.

Creating multiple unique sessions on the Aezakmi browser requires proxies, but you can learn more about it on this website.


A solid anti-detect browser has become an invaluable tool for those running multiple social media accounts from a single device and anyone looking for anonymity on the internet. They can be shared by a group of individuals providing a chance for teamwork, which makes them popular in advertising agencies and corporate companies.

Although relatively expensive, good anti-detect browsers like the ones mentioned here can help you access banned sites and keep your data private which makes them totally worth it.

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