5 autism apps
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Autism poses some challenges to both children with the condition and their parents. It comes with some challenges and requires patient and diligence to handle. These 5 Autism Apps listed below can make each day of children living with autism as fun-filled as it could possibly be.

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition in children which can be characterized by trouble understanding what other people think and feel, difficulty of expression either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch.


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List Of 5 Autism Apps For both Parents And Children

  1. Autism Awareness

    5 autism apps
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This autism awareness app is mostly recommended for parents and guardians who have children living autism. This app has amazing features that help users learn about the types, signs, treatment options of autism.

It also helps users to find nearby treatment centers and get social by engaging with nearby Autism support groups on (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest) and share their success stories or grievances.  Users can also find and read books, journals, publications and popular websites and watch videos on Autism.

This app is available in on IOS. Kindly click the link below to download.


  1. AAC Autism Talk Now

    5 autism apps
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AAC Autism Talk Now Android app tries to engage children learning in a really fun way.  It helps kids with autism, learn and communicate at a different pace.  With this app, children learn how to convey their needs in everyday life through sentences, symbols and pictures. It also has text-to-speech that gives the child or the parents or anybody the freedom to type their words. The app is available to all ages.

This app is available on Android, kindly click on the link below to download.



  1. AAC Speech Buddy

    5 autism apps
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AAC Speech Buddy allows the user to create custom speech sets and download them to their device and sharing by simply entering a profile ID.The profile feature of the app allows speech sets to be grouped together which then can be loaded on any AAC Speech Buddy application by simply entering the profile ID in the AAC Speech Buddy App.

Once the speech sets are loaded they do not require a network connection to run. The app only requires a live internet connection when loading new or updating speech sets.

This app is available on Andriod.  Click on the button below to download the app.


  1. A BuZoo Story

    5 autism apps
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This app is a fun-filled way for children with autism to learn. With A BuZoo Story app, the children can help each animal board the bus, learn to recognize each one, how to spell its name, interact with each animal and listen to each animal’s story.

This can be done without the need to hold, touch, or fine-point. Interaction is complete even with a shaky or unstable hand. The app provides a great physical learning activity and can be used at all times.

This app is available on Andriod. To download the app kindly click on the link below.

  1. 4 Kidcal

    5 autism apps
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With 4 Kidcal autism awareness app, children learn how calendars help people remember special dates. They can record a message and choose an icon for the calendar. They can also return to the app to check the calendar, kids build important early planning skills. In a very simple way, young kids can also begin learning to use technology for time management and build important early planning skills.

4KidCal also supports an understanding of part-to-whole relationships as kids discover how days relate to weeks and weeks relate to an entire month.

This app is available on IOS to download, click on the button below.

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition in children but these 5 autism apps could greatly improve and help manage the condition.

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