Not every Mac user has an iPhone, that’s for sure. A lot of them use Android phones and transferring files between these two devices might be a little problem. Though it may not be as straightforward as we may want it, almost everything is possible in this era. This piece is giving you quick ways you can transfer Android files to Mac computers.

Ways to transfer Android files to Mac

1. Android File Transfer

The first option is to use the Android File Transfer app. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer Android files to Mac machines. It involves the use of a USB data cable. This is how to quickly set up and use Android File Transfer on your Mac computer.

2. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

For a wireless option, you got Send Anywhere. You can either use the real-time transfer or create a share link and forward it to different platforms.

How to use Send Anywhere to transfer files from Android to Mac

  • Download and open the app on both platforms, Android and Mac
  • Select the files in the Android app and tap on Send

Send Anywhere transfer Android files to Mac 2

  • Go to the app on macOS and enter the code under the Receive
  • Click Enter and then Download.

Send Anywhere transfer Android files to Mac
Note: The 6-digit code is only valid for ten minutes.

3. SHAREit

Another way to share files between Android and Mac wirelessly.

  • Download and open SHAREit on Android and Mac.
  • On your Android device, tap on the top-right icon and choose “Connect PC.”
  • Tap on “Scan to connect” and Scan the barcode on Mac application
  • Locate the file on your device and click on “Next.”
  • Now click on the search icon in the SHAREit app on mac to locate the file.

using shareit to transfer Android files to Mac
You can alternatively use SHAREit WebShare located on the Android app. This feature doesn’t require the SHAREit application to be installed on the Mac.

4. Cloud storage

Cloud storage is also an effective way to share files between Mac and Android. Any of the cross-platform cloud storage services can work: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

How to share files on Android and Mac using cloud storage

  • Choose the file on your Android device and share it to your cloud account.
  • Once the file is uploaded, open the web browser on your Mac device
  • Open the cloud storage account and download the file on your macOS. Done!


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