There is a notable trend towards white flooring as more people are moving away from traditional flooring. White oak flooring is especially very popular for many reasons, including water resistance, durability, cost-effectiveness, colour selection, among others. Like other hardwood varieties, white oak is also available in various attractive patterns that will completely transform your floors into a beautiful focal point. Here are some easy tips for choosing the best white oak flooring:

1. Consider the Size of the Room

Regardless of the size of a room, whether small or big, the flooring colour will typically have a significant effect on the overall space feeling. For instance, if you have limited space to work with tiny rooms, using the ideal colours can make a substantial difference. Using white oak floors will create a lighter and more natural look and will open up your space, without the need of throwing out your furniture. Likewise, it can also make larger rooms seem smaller and much cosier. Ensure you discuss all these options with your reputable flooring company to guarantee you are getting the best fit for your needs.

2. Consider the Larger Picture

Avoid choosing the flooring for a room based on how it looks like when it is empty. You want to ensure that the white oak will match the broader feel and style you are looking to have in your interior. That involves considering if you wish to emphasise certain areas of the room or furniture to capitalise on the lighter floors fully. The advantage of using white flooring is that it is more neutral than darker tones, which allows your design furniture to stand out.

3. Length of the Boards

Even though oak flooring is typically advertised as having long lengths, it is also advisable to note the stated minimum lengths. That is because the smaller pieces will generally look unappealing once they have been installed in your floor while some are unusable. Ideally, you will have to get the longest boards possible to maintain a high-quality appearance. Likewise, it would help if you went for wider planks as they display more character and look much better in larger rooms.

4. Board Surface

Most oak flooring options available today are supplied with flat surfaces. However, you can find other products with artificial textured or undulating surfaces that simulate wear or ageing. Even though the board surface will come down to personal preference, it is worth noting that maintenance and repair for textured surfaces will typically be higher than that of flat surfaces. Hence, the best option for your white oak flooring will be to use flat surface boards.

The final thing to check when choosing white oak flooring is to look at the kind of finishes you want. Most flooring is supplied in the unfinished form. That means that customers get to decide whether to varnish, oil, or wax their floors based on their preferences. The critical thing here is to get the hardwearing and durable natural finishes to guarantee durability after installation.


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