Are you using a smartphone but your battery life or phone gets weak at the shortest period of time after you’ve purchased it? If you answered in the affirmative, then I’ve got some simple and smart ways you can use to double or prolong the lifespan of your mobile phone.
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1. Remove The Charger From The Phone If The Phone Is Already Fully Charged

Many of us are fond of doing this for various reasons, I’m not left out. If your phone is fully charged, please unplug the charger from the phone over voltage or overcharging your phone battery is very bad for the battery.

2. Don’t Plug And Play

Charging your phone and using it at the same time puts pressure on the battery, it prevents it from charging at its normal voltage and sometimes heats the battery. It’s not even good because lifes has been lost through this act of plug and play on mobile phones.

3. Don’t Put It In A Hot Place

Batteries are extremely sensitive to heat so it’s always recommended not to put your phone under a pillow or a place where there’s heat. It’s also advised that you remove the case on your phone, if there’s any before putting your phone on charge.

4. Don’t Install Too Many Apps

Don’t overload your phone with games and apps, you’re practically killing the phone slowly, allow some space on your phone and it’s not even advisable to be playing games on your phone in this age of technology advancement.
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