the $300 million Ghana Smart Cities project (also named ArisCel) will enable WiFi network across the whole country.
Smart City

A $300 million project to build smart cities in Ghana is said to also enable WiFi networks across the country. The Ghana Smart Cities project is set go on under the brand name ArisCel.

The Ghana Smart Cities project is going to be majorly handled by 3 organisations. Those companies include Celltel Networks, Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC) and Chinese government’s international cooperation company (CEIEC).

Celltel Networks, Roberta Annan Consulting and CEIEC have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together to accomplish the $300 million Ghana Smart Cities project (brand named ArisCel).

From the MoU signed, Celltel Networks, a Ghanaian company, will be the concept developer of the project. Roberta Annan Consulting will also serve as transaction advisors for CEIEC. Then, CEIEC joins a group of expert companies in the execution of the ArisCel project.

The project according to IT News Africa, will be funded by a consortium of private investment banks and vendors. These 3 companies mentioned above will go into a comprehensive agreement with the other expert companies on the project soon.

The Ghana Smart Cities project

Included in the Ghana Smart Cities project is a nationwide WiFi network. The design of the project will provide affordable WiFi network. This will be done in partnership with the “local government institutions and other strategic and relevant government agencies”.

Prior to the signing of this MoU, Celtell Networks, CEIEC, Roberta Annan Consulting and other foreign partners on the project have been working on the project design for years. The other companies originally on the project design include Aristotle Incorporated, Hughes Corporation and Cisco representatives Sylversys Consulting International.

Aristotle Incorporated, which is US-based, for instance, made a detailed presentation on the project last year. The presentation was made to a Ghanaian delegation to the US.


Celltel, being committed to the project has already secured 4 floors for offices and a showroom. The offices are in the 12-storey 335 Place which is along the N1 Motorway extension.

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