Ups and downs occur in every relationship. No couple on earth can claim they never had some rocky patches. But when you’re in a stable and happy relationship, most of the times this will only make your love for each other stronger. This kind of relationship is something most of us can only dream about. But there’s also a group who doesn’t think or want to believe they’re in a stable relationship. Doubting this can have a downside on your love for each other. That’s why it’s necessary to recognize the signs.

1. Your partner is not only your lover but also your best friend

We are friends and lovers; this is an expression you’ll only understand when you’re finally in a happy and stable relationship. Being partners for life doesn’t mean only your sex- and romantic life is in order. It also means that you have found your partner for life. A best friend. Someone you can spend your life with, talk about anything (from using sex toys to buying a present for the neighbours) and enjoy every minute of your time with each other.
Your relationship must develop to survive. At first, it Is all fun and romantic, but after a few months or years, you lose the will and need to stay on top of it. It feels comfortable, and you don’t put in as much effort as you used to. When this occurs, your relationship will need a new foundation in order to survive. Not only a romantic one but also a strong friendship.

2. You recover quickly after a fight

Fighting isn’t as bad as some people think. All couples fight. You can’t be happy, 24/7. Sometimes there’s a need for a big discussion to understand each other on a whole new level. Even very old couple fight sometimes. But it will be necessary to recover quickly after a fight. When you feel that you and your partner are fighting all the time and it’s hard to recover, this can mean you’re not made for each other. Fighting is okay, but don’t stay mad at each other all the time.

3. You no longer miss being single

Some people find it harder than others being in a long-time relationship. Some of us are having a great time being single. This doesn’t mean there’s no one out there for you. It only means you haven’t find the right one yet. When you do find this special person, you will know it immediately. From that time on, you will not miss being single anymore, and you wouldn’t change your partnership for anything in the world.

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