Though dog flea is a year-round problem for most pet parents in the US, they start to gear up to fight the menace to keep their furry friends healthy and safe. Usually, there is no such thing as flea season because these critters lay their eggs during winter and then wake up, popping around on your pooch as well as your home.

If you take preventive measures, your pup will never have flea and never to stick around your bedding and carpets if you opt for the right dog-flea treatment. According to an article published on, you should never ease off on dog flea medications that help your pet to fight parasite infestation. Here are three ways you can ensure your pooch never has flea infection:

1. Give your pup a nutritious diet

Give your pup raw foods because vets believe processed food items attract dog fleas and prove hazardous to your pet’s health. Did you know that fleas like kibble diets and foods high in sugar lead to an increase in glucose levels, in your pooch? Make sure your dog sticks to raw food because it is beneficial for healthy skin and coat, and stay odor-free too.

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2. Use the best flea products and repellents

You will find many flea repellents, natural remedies to keep these critters at bay. You can pick from pills, sprays, topical meds, and flea collar that are repulsive for dog fleas and other parasites feeding on your pet’s blood. For more details on dog health and grooming, you can visit the official site of buydogfleameds or similar ones.
You can use flea sprays between dog baths and rinse your pet’s coat thoroughly to wash off the chemicals. After spraying, rub the product gently into your pooch’s fur to get rid of fleas. These sprays are effective as well as inexpensive to use.

3. Stay away from dog parks

If you fear that your dog is infested with fleas, stay away from dog parks near you for some time. There are people, who never care to clean dog poop, and they are busier with their smartphones instead of keeping a watch on their dog. Some pet parents think that Dog Park is the best place to walk their pooch but they fail to realize that fleas can crawl or jump into their pet’s fur from the grass, as well as infect other pets playing around.
You can keep dog flea at bay if you are proactive and aware of parasite infestation from dog parks. Therefore, avoid walking your pup in these places and let him play in your house or lawn instead. Of course, you will need to take your pooch to the vet for medical examination and if infested with fleas, the use of right repellents will keep critters away.


Use dog flea medicines, feed your pet natural food, bathe your pup regularly, and avoid dog parks to ensure that your pooch is not infected. These simple things will keep your pet and home safe from fleas and parasites.

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