Finally confirmed: 2020 iPhone features in-display Touch ID and Face ID

2020 iphone features

Apple’s 2019 iPhone models have been launched just last week. Well, the features of the iPhone model coming the next are already being spilled, even though we are not in that year yet. Reports from Bloomberg are already leaking 2020 iPhone features — and probably the years after 2020.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple is working on an in-display fingerprint authentication technology for its 2020 iPhones. This is a feature we have seen on flagship smartphones from the likes of the Samsungs, Huaweis, OnePlus’ and other Android smartphone makers.

You would ask why Apple has not brought this now-common feature in its phones —even the recently launched iPhone 11 doesn’t have the feature. That’s a question the company would have to come out to answer itself.

Well, with the report, this would be seen as a return to the Touch ID method of security by the company. The 2020 iPhone Touch ID, which will reside on the display, according to the report, will not replace the existing Face ID tech. It is will rather coexist with Face ID.

This is supposed to give consumers two ways of quickly bypassing the device’s lock screen. The Bloomberg report follows a similar leak from last month by trusted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo.

In the report, analyst Kuo said that Apple wanted the Face ID facial recognition technology to work alongside the on-display fingerprint sensor on the iPhone. However, Kuo said the company may only bring these two features together in 2021.

Bloomberg also says the company is working on the tech both in-house and among its suppliers. “Suppliers have proven their ability to integrate the technology into iPhones, but the company has not managed to mass produce it yet,” according to the Bloomberg report.

The question here is, if the company only wishes to bring the feature in 2021, why is vigorously testing it now. Perhaps, the aim of the current tests is to finish the technology in time so that both the Touch ID and Face ID can coexist and be introduced in the 2020 iPhones.

That could be the goal as we see it, but Bloomberg also noted this timetable could slip into 2021, just like Kuo has predicted.

The on-display fingerprint scanning approach Apple is taking would let iPhone owners press their finger down on “a large portion of the display” to unlock their devices.

Apple is using “a large portion of the display” because, in early versions of the in-display scanners, we could see that having small finger scan areas didn’t give the expected results. Failed attempts were one of such results. Also, because the scanning areas were too small whole process could take longer to unlock than traditional fingerprint readers would.

iPhone SE replacement upcoming

The report from Bloomberg also confirmed recent circulating rumours that Apple is trying to bring back a low-cost iPhone to replace the iPhone SE, which was discontinued in September 2018.

The replacement of the iPhone SE “would look similar to the iPhone 8 and include a 4.7-inch screen,” according to the report. The said device would also include a home button with Touch ID. For sure, it won’t be as compact and one-hand friendly as the famous 4-inch iPhone SE.

This might disappoint people who liked the SE just because of its size. This new device could come in the first half of 2020 (likely March), just like the iPhone SE.


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