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Every guy expects certain things from a relationship. Some guys are just looking for one night stands but guys who are really looking for commitment start dreaming about certain aspects for a relationship before they’re even dating. It’s similar to a girl’s dream of a perfect wedding. Men have fears and quirks and many other things.

Here are some of the things men expect from relationships.

1. Freedom:

Men really want you to have your own life. They want you to have your own set of friends, activities, and passions. So let him roam too. Let him have his own time. When he returns and notices your ever-welcoming attitude, he will be more than happy.

Men do want a dual life but they also love to sneak out a bit every once in a while. As long as it does not affect your relationship, let him avail his freedom. It is beautiful what they say about couples, “Let’s put your relationship on wheels. One is yours. One is mine. And together, we’ll ride.”

2. Being an Open Book to him:

Men are mysterious but at the same time, they are straight-forward and honest about themselves. They want you to communicate directly; treat them the same way. They don’t get clues. They need things spelled out.

Without clarity, relationships are built on sand. Explain it to them. Model how you would like them to communicate back. They need you to tell them. Be clear to them, share the important moments of your life with him.

3. Every bit of Your Attention:

Most of the women do not express themselves, presuming that men do not appreciate too much expression. Men want to know what is going on in your heads. Be honest and reveal yourself. Couples grow and get stronger overcoming adversity, not by living life separately.

Know that every time you hold things in, you are building walls inside the sacred space of the relationship. Men need every bit of your attention just like you need theirs.


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