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Organizing your big day can be a daunting task, and a vast amount of planning goes into such an event. Here is a checklist of the primary things you shouldn’t forget when hiring equipment for your wedding to ensure the day is a success.

1. Tables And Chairs

This is one of the main items on your rental checklist. You must consider seating arrangements for yourself and your guests during the ceremony and reception. Take into account extra spots that require seating or tables such as the DJ corner, the dessert and cake table as well as a table for gifts, party favors, and cards. You’ll be amazed at the various types of tables and chairs there is available for hire.

2. Dance Floor

Some venues may have a dance floor included, but for the ones that don’t, you will need to at it to the list. Depending on how many wedding guests will be attending, you’ll have an idea of the size of the dance floor you’ll be needing. You’ll need at least 4.5 square feet per guest.

3. Tents

If you have an outdoor wedding, a tent is an excellent solution for plan B in case the weather doesn’t play along on your wedding day. Your wedding guests must be comfortable in case of wind, rain or the blazing sun on a hot day. Big top hire can provide you with the best advice of precisely what you will need when it comes to the marquee size and unique features that may be required. You can also consider draping fabric across the ceiling of the tent for decorative purposes.

4. Linens And Napkins

There are so many styles of fabrications and table linen available for hire. Make sure you pick ones that blend in well with the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. You can also mix and match to give the overall look an edge.

5. Barware, Flatware, And Dinnerware

When you’re making the checklist for your wedding, this is one of the main considerations as items such as serving plates, cutlery, water glasses, wine glasses, chargers, coffee mugs, champagne flutes, and highball glasses are essential. If these are not included at the wedding venue and you want to pull off a classy and memorable experience for everyone to remember for years to come, they should be included.

6. Restrooms

This item is only necessary if you’re hosting a tented event or open spaces where there are no restrooms accessible. You can opt for rented restroom trailers which are generally well-appointed and relatively spacious. Restrooms are a vital component of any event.

7. Miscellaneous

When you’re in the planning stage of your wedding, remember to talk to vendors such as the caterer about items you’ll be needing for the event. It can be challenging to remember every single detail, and they have the necessary expertise to guide you. For example, water pitchers, coolers, and serving dishes if you are having a family-style or buffet meal.


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