how to pick fresh meat  

When it comes to shopping for meat, you should strive to get the freshest items that you can find. Here are a number of things that you should look for on your quest of buying meat.

Smell It

The sense of smell is one of the most primal, yet one of the most informative, senses that human beings have. Smells alert us to when something is wrong, as well as when something is right. The sense of smell can act on both a person’s conscious and subconscious. We have evolved with a sense of smell for a reason. Use yours to figure out whether or not a piece of meat is fresh. If a piece of meat’s smell makes you want to gag or smells odd, it is most likely not fresh.


Look at the color of meat to determine its freshness. Meat should naturally have vibrant colors. If you are looking at beef, it should have a bright red appearance. Pork should be rosy pink. Ideally, chicken can have a range of colors. It can be anything from yellow to pink. If meat looks brown, gray and wilty, then it is not fresh.

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Feel It

Touch meat to feel whether it is fresh or not. Meat that is not fresh may be slimy, shiny and/or sticky. If a piece of meat feels like this, do not buy it.

Do Not Buy Ground Or Minced Meat

It is harder to tell whether meat that is ground or minced is fresh. Ideally, you should not buy ground or minced meat. However, not buying meat in these forms may be difficult if you have a specific recipe that calls for them and you do not want to ground or minced meat on your own time.

Well-Butchered Meats

There is a better chance that meats that have been well-butchered are more likely to be fresher. If pieces look hacked up and have jagged edges, they may not be that fresh. Look for pieces of meat that are clean cut and are uniform in size.


Check the firmness of meat before you buy it. Firmness is a clear indication of whether or not meat is fresh. If a piece of meat springs back after you press your finger into it, it is fresh. If it leaves an indentation that either won’t go away or takes a long time to go away, it is not fresh. Muscle fibers should also be even and tight, as opposed to loose and uneven. If you go to Best Butcher BoutiqueMeats Brisbane and feel that the meat is firm, then it is a good piece of meat.

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Do Not Buy Meat That Is Frozen

You should not buy frozen meat because the state of being frozen hides meat’s freshness—or lack thereof. Also, if meat is frozen, that means that it has been around for a long time. Even if it has been preserved via freezing, it still isn’t fresh.

Think About Fattiness And Leanness

The ratio of fat to leanness affects the experience of eating a piece of meat. The leanest cuts are the easiest to chew and, arguably are the healthiest. However, pieces of meat with marbling have more intense flavors. The problem with pieces of meat that have marbling is the fact that they can be annoyingly chewy if they are not cooked the right way. You should buy meat according to how you are willing to cook and season it.

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Of course, the price is not necessarily an indicator of whether a piece of meat is fresh or not. However, you should still keep note of how much meat costs to see whether the really low price of a piece of meat is too good to be true. Have knowledge of the prices as you look at other conditions such as color, smell and feel. If a piece of meat is discolored, poorly butchered and happens to be exceptionally cheap, you may be looking at a piece of meat that is not fresh.

Meat Specials And Prepared Dishes

If you are buying a prepared dish from a supermarket or restaurant, there is a chance that the meat in it might not be fresh. This is because businesses try to make their items last until the very end by cutting those items up and making them into dishes that do not show rancidness.

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