“Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”
Paul Terry
This witty saying by the English actor is the voice of every person who is intimidated by the word workout, yet they badly need to do it. They keep lying to themselves and others about not having enough time to hit the gym. The fact is they actually hate working out.
Perhaps you, too, are one of those folks who are not comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. You probably hear stories of the sweat, the muscular aches, and the tiredness from people who regularly exercise, and you dread all the strain.
No one can deny the fact that the start of every fitness journey is fatiguing. Still, there can be so many ways that will make the experience comfortable for you. In fact, you can even make a workout more enjoyable if you set the right mood.
Put your mind to ease and read on to know some tried and tested hacks that will make you look forward to your workout sessions every day.


Your body needs to adjust before you begin straining it with different exercises. These adjustments include gradually bringing your heartbeat and breathing to a higher level, and increasing oxygen and blood flow to muscles. Warm-ups are pre-workout exercises that prepare your body for stretching.
Having a friend as your workout partner makes your gym more of a hangout place, and who doesn’t want that? Not only can you have fun with him, but your gym buddy would also motivate you to stay focused and cheer for you when you need it. A strong support system is a vital thing to have while you are on your fitness journey.
Similarly, one more thing which drives you to work harder at the gym is healthy competition, and your workout partner can provide you that. Choose someone who is like you and is responsible for commitments.


Your body needs to adjust before you begin straining it with different exercises. These adjustments include gradually bringing your heartbeat and breathing to a higher level, and increasing oxygen and blood flow to muscles. Warm-ups are pre-workout exercises that prepare your body for stretching.
The benefit of not ignoring a proper warm-up includes reduced stress on your muscles and heart and preventing muscle injuries. Generally, a warm-up is 5-10 minutes jogging at a spot, stretching, or walking. You can also spread your arms and move them in large circular motions to prepare yourself.
Whereas cool downs are moves that slow down your body and helps cooling it after your workout is over. They help your heart and breathing levels return to normal. After you finish the exercise, the blood pools in muscles of your legs, and there is a lactic acid build-up as well. To cure these build-ups, cool downs are done to avoid dizziness. Many gym essentials are used in the cooling down phase, such as a foam roller, or a gym ball for stretching.


Water is your best friend while you work hard to stay fit. Replenish your body with water as much as you can, so that it performs its best at the gym, making it a comfortable experience for you.
You need to replace all the fluid that left your body as sweat while you were working out. When you drink plenty of water, your body functions return to normal easily and cleanses it inside out. It is also very important for good cardiovascular health.


To avoid a nauseating feeling after training hard, make sure you eat a snack that is rich in carbs yet easy to digest, such as a fruit or a granola bar. It will give you the energy to work out and help you avoid upsetting your stomach.


The first thing after you decide to begin an exercise regimen is buying excellent quality fitness wear. Comfortable, trendy workout clothing gives you a good feeling about what you are doing.
Buy something breathable, sustainable, and also loose fitting so that you are free to do any form of exercise without any worry. Wearing tight garments would cause friction against your skin, ending up in a bad itch.
When talking about being comfortable, we cannot go without mentioning the importance of appropriate undergarments. If you are a man, it is essential to buy the most comfortable mens underwear, and if you are a woman, get comfy thongs to wear under your gym wear.


A great practice to keep your regime exciting is to challenge yourself with new goals every day. You need to push your comfort boundaries bit by bit by increasing reps and weights.
While you get carried away in setting goals and achieving them, be careful of your breathing technique and form. Certified kettlebell trainer, Taco Fleur says,
“Form and Technique first, reps, and weight second.”


Changing your mindset regarding exercise can do wonders to motivate you. Rather than perceiving workout as a tedious task, think of it as a means to release stress. A change in your attitude will open doors to the cathartic qualities of working out daily.


According to a study, listening to music significantly increases the duration of the exercise of a person. Working out should not be a boring task which you have to do forcefully.
Instead, make it fun by playing lively music and try to match up to the rhythm. Curate a playlist of songs that you love. Or, research what songs are best to listen while working out and play those while you do the sessions.


Keep a record of every achievement you make. Even if it just a centimeter or two, it came after a lot of hard work and is worth noticing. When you finally achieve those dream measurements, you will be amazed to look at how far you have come since beginning the workout.


To stay focused and enjoy your exercise, it’s wise to hit the gyms when there is less crowd to cut the distractions. The best time to go is late in the morning when people have left for work. You can also schedule your sessions earlier in the afternoon as there is expected to be a lesser turnout then.
Parting Thoughts
One of the greatest boxers in history, Gene Tunney, who lived for a good 81 years said,
“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”
Therefore, try to make the most out of your experience by genuinely enjoying what you do. If you like the above suggestions and wish to add your own hacks for enjoyable fitness training, do let us know in the comments below.

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