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Now that you know how to make some extra cash using the premise app, there are questions I believe you have already started asking. It’s in my best interest to make sure such concerns are addressed, so, I have decided to provide you this list of questions you’ll most likely have about using the premise app.

Here they are:

How do I get started?

In order to receive an overview on in-app navigation and how to research data, please do the in-app training either located in the “Training” task category or indicated by a blue bar at the top of your task screen. To get started with the app, just login with either your Google or Facebook accounts (we don’t post anything to your accounts or record any information beyond name and email) and check out the task list. Make sure location services are enabled on your phone and that your phone is set to auto-update the app — we’re adding exciting new features all the time!

Test it out: go to a store/market where item is sold, check into your location, pick a task, read the observation/criteria page carefully, tap to take a photo, input data, answer questions, and then save. Tap “Upload” in the payments section of the app or research another item and then submit them to us in a batch when you are done.

How much can I research?

The amount of research to be completed is determined at the task level: when you navigate to each category and item, you will see numbers like “0/3.” This indicates that you have 3 tasks within this particular item (e.g., apples) to complete. If you complete one survey, you will see “1/3,” indicating that you have 2 surveys left that you can complete. Please note that this number will change as the week progresses – if other researchers complete these tasks before you, they may not be available by the end of the week. It is therefore important to complete your research early on in the week (tasks are re-set each Sunday at midnight) and to refresh your task list throughout the week to see what items still can be completed.

How do I do research offline?

Before conducting research offline, make sure that you have connected to either a Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Upload any observations you have not yet submitted, log out of the Premise app and then log back in. This will ensure that you have the most up to date tasks. You can then go to your Settings page, turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data, but make sure you leave your GPS Location Services on. You are now ready to conduct your research offline! Please make sure that you upload your data before the end of the week to ensure that it will be accepted.
What’s the purpose of this research?

Premise is a technology company that collects data to identify and monitor global economic trends to contribute to greater transparency and knowledge about local conditions. We do this with the assistance of users from communities around the world uploading photos and information through the Premise mobile app. As a part-time researcher, you’ll be collecting data to help Premise understand everything from global economics, food prices, to electricity, healthcare access, and more. By signing up to work with us, you are helping with a critical part of this mission — and also earning some money in your free time. You can learn more about our work here:

What do greyed out tasks mean?

You may have noticed some tasks in your app are greyed out. This is because once that city captures up to the limit for that item in that week, the task will grey out. So if you see greyed out tasks in your app, it means other contributors in your city have already captured the item and it has reached its max amount of captures for that week. Furthermore, greyed out tasks can also indicate that you have reached the max amount of weekly captures for that item. For example, “0/3” captures means that you have 3 captures for that item to take. When you do take those 3 captures the the number will change to “3/3” and the task will grey out.

However, don’t worry! The task list refreshes every Monday. So on Monday you can begin capturing again and all items will be researchable. So please make sure to check your app every Monday for items to research!
Why am I seeing the red flag icon?

Red flag icons are used to highlight tasks that are more important or urgent than others. Oftentimes there will be a bonus associated with these tasks, so you can earn more money by paying attention to which tasks are flagged. If there is a bonus, you will see the additional reward next to the flag.
I am concerned about my security when researching. What do I do?

At Premise, we take the security of our researchers very seriously. We provide research authorization letters and identification badges for our researchers upon request. To request these, contact your country Community Manager or Once you have received these, please print them out and keep them with you while you are conducting research. Furthermore, please maintain a respectful and polite appearance to store owners or market vendors. If questioned about your activity, explain that this research is being used by the government to better understand how markets and traders operate. Show them your work visa, ID badge, and authorization letter. In the event that they continue to have questions or concerns about the activities carried out by Premise researchers, we ask that you tell them to contact us directly at​ and we will get back to them immediately.

Why is my app not loading?

Your app may not load for a number of reasons. Always make sure that you have a strong internet connection when loading the app. You may also try quitting the Premise app and logging back in. Be sure you have the latest version of the Premise App installed from the Google PlayStore. Should the problem continue, email for additional support.

Why doesn’t my photo upload?

If you are having trouble uploading your observations, check to make sure your internet connection is strong. You will also want to close other applications running on your phone. Do not log out at any point, this will cause you to lose your observations. If the problem continues, please report an issue in-app for additional support.
Why am I seeing the sailboat image with a message, “Oops, something went wrong”?
Occasionally, you’ll see an error message in the app due to a temporary technical error. The image of a sailboat will appear on the screen with a message saying, “Oops, something went wrong.” We’re notified when this happens, so we can quickly resolve the issue.

How do I change my city?

Unfortunately, we do not allow users to be active in more than one city at a time. If you are moving, however, or have reason to believe you have been placed in the incorrect city, please email us at
What is considered fraudulent data?
Data quality is a top priority for us here at Premise, which in turn means we have a zero tolerance policy for fraud. If you are caught submitting fraudulent data, your account will be reviewed and disabled immediately. Fraudulent data includes:
-photographing in groups
-not photographing items in a store
-photographing images off a computer
-sending duplicates of the same product
-revisiting the same location more than once per day

What counts as a duplicate?

Premise rejects any pictures submitted by users that feature the same size and brand product from the same place. For instance, users cannot submit several pictures of same brand and size of ice cream with different flavors. [would be great to do photo examples here]

premise app dupplicate data
Such as these Ice Creams of the same brand and size, with varying flavour. This products would be considered duplicates.

How long does review take?

The review process typically takes 2-7 business days, as your photos must be reviewed by two quality checkers and we have thousands of new photos each day. Sometimes, this review period can be lengthened as a result of a holiday.
How do I get accepted photos?
To get more accepted photos, please follow these general guidelines:
– Make sure you read and clearly understand the observation criteria and hints requirements for your task prior to researching.
– Make sure you photo is a whole image of item and that it is clear, not blurry. Not too up close (where you can’t tell what the surrounds are) and not too far away (so that you can’t see price tag/item clearly).
– If in grocery store, items should look like they are directly on the rack
– Record the exact price from label. Brand and price tag should be visible for verification in photo whenever possible
– Select the correct currency that is associated with your country of research
– Quantity: Please note only 1 unless otherwise stated. For ex. multiple items that are packaged together – like Tea Bags in a box would indicate that the quantity is 15 tea bags (per box)
– Size: please input the recommended size measurement. (Ex. grams, kilograms, lbs, etc.)
Why is my research being rejected? (common reasons)
Price incorrect: please ensure that you input the right price for the product. This must be the sales price and hopefully with a price tag clearly shown. Please double check to make sure the currency is correct.

Incorrect product: please make sure you are following all the criteria we state in the app before submitting products. Please note that for most of our campaigns, we do not accept flavored products – please submit the basic product we ask for.

Incorrect packaging: please make sure that you are (i) following the criteria for packaging (if we ask for coke, please don’t submit a 2 liter bottle), and that (ii) you are correctly labeling the size and packaging when entering in product information.

Duplicated images: please make sure that you are not submitting pictures of the same sized and brand product from the same store or market.

Incorrect cities: unless specifically stated otherwise, Premise users must submit data from the pictures in which they are currently registered.

Why have I not received my money?

Do not worry if you have not yet received your money. The most common reason is that the transaction is still processing. Transactions can take up to 24 hours. Another common reason for Paypal users is that you have not verified your email with Paypal. Your payment is our priority, so please contact us if you have not received your payment 24 hours after cashing out.

Premise is an international research organization that is beginning to monitor food prices in Ghana! They aim to collect data that can help them locate food scarcity issues. By signing up to work with them, you are helping with a critical part of this mission — and also earning some money in your free time! You can also earn points by referring other users.


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