android features not on iPhones

Let’s check some cool features on Android that can’t be found on either iPhones or iPads. This will let you know why Android is still the favourite for a lot of smartphone users.

10 Android features not found on iPhones and iPads

1. Send Files via Bluetooth

Oh yeah. One of Android’s long-time features is transferring files via Bluetooth connection. And it is not just between Android devices. You can transfer files onto PCs as well. iPhones have AirDrop but Apple limited this feature to their devices only.

2. Choose default apps

On Android, you can set your own default apps for various activities. You can set default apps for activities like browsing, opening links, photo viewing, playing audio, etc. This essentially means the pre-installed apps, if not liked, can be substituted with third-party apps. Unfortunately, you can’t do this one iPhones.

3. Create multiple users

This has been a long-time feature of Android mobile devices. You can create multiple accounts on your Android phone just like a PC. This feature isn’t on iPhones nor iPads.

The multiple account creation feature can let your family members also use the same device, especially if there’s only one Android Tablet in the house.

4. Split Screen

This feature is present on iPads but not iPhones. Honestly, the split screen feature is actually ideal for devices with larger screens.

5. Night Mode in Camera

Top Android brand mobile phones like Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google’s Pixel now have this night mode feature in fitted in their cameras. This feature’s basic job is to improve low light environment photos.

6. Instant Apps

With the Instant Apps feature, you can try an app on Play Store without downloading them first. After testing it out and you don’t like it, there is no need for the install/uninstall process. Note that this feature isn’t available for all the apps on Play Store.

7. Home screen widgets

Widgets are on iOS as well but on Android, they do more. You can pin multiple widgets on your screen — actually anywhere on multiple home screens. But on iOS, all widgets are packed on only one screen.

8. Close all apps

This a useful feature that makes using Android more enjoyable. At any given time, we have more than 10 apps running our mobile devices. So Android gives you a feature to close all these apps to free up some memory with just a single touch.

iPhone doesn’t have this feature so you’d have to close each app one after the other, which is time-consuming.

9. Always-On Display

The Always-on Display is a feature found on Android devices with OLED displays. You don’t need to light up the entire screen even when you just need to check the time. Always-on Display can also show other details, including remaining battery backup and notifications for a bunch of things.

From iPhone X, Apple has started using OLED displays but the Always on Display feature is still absent.

10. Customisation

This is one of the basic reasons why Android is always the first choice for a lot of people. You have the freedom to customise almost everything. From launchers to icon packs to widgets. And you can do all these without rooting your phones (“jailbreak” in iOS lingo).

On iPhones and iPads, obviously, there is a restriction since you can’t do all these.

There you go, if you were wondering why people still love Android smartphones over iPhone and iPads. Plus, they are cheap as compared to their iOS counterparts.


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