TECNO Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition Is More Than Just The Design

TECNO Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition

TECNO Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition is officially released and available in Ghana.

some of you had the opportunity to read leaked details of this expected device from TECNO mobile on JBKlutse.com: your favourite Tech and Social blog.

The good news is we have the phone in Ghana and it will be in shops for purchase pretty soon.

honour of the Blues


Understanding TECNO’s nature in recent years, I had a strong conviction that the device would not only be about its beautiful design, and with the launch of the device, I couldn’t have been more correct.

Premium low light camera smartphone

The TECNO Camon series is known for flaunting amazing camera qualities and just like the standard Camon CX; the Man City inspired limited edition also flaunts an outstanding 16MP dual camera with dual flash.

dual flash
Here’s one area where the CAMON CX series wins it all. With the outstanding 16MP dual camera, the TECNO Camon CX MANCHESTER CITY Limited Edition captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag — placing the quality of the smartphone’s camera at par with a DSLR camera.

The dual front flash doubles the amount of light that shines on the image which allows the camera capture amazing day and night selfies. This could be possible because of the wider aperture (F / 2.0) which allows the sensor to capture more light.

Low light situation is absolutely a headache for a photographer, so here comes the game changer situated in the back of Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition. Combining four bright flashes, the integrated ring flash system increases light by 100% over a regular flash and casts evenly over darkness.


The new themes and wallpapers are awesome!

The new themes and wallpapers are awesome!
In the various online leaks leading up to the Camon CX MANCHESTER CITY Limited Edition announcement, we got to see glimpses of the phone’s new pre-installed wallpapers and themes and it always seemed like there was something remarkable going on with the way TECNO had designed the internal aesthetics of the device.

TECNO have had some really beautiful animated wallpapers and themes for years, but the Manchester City inspired limited edition of the CX takes this a step further with some new amazing designs- they’re actually very neat.

There are dozens of these wallpapers and themes loaded on the Camon CX MANCHESTER CITY Limited Edition with more reportedly likely to be accessible in the future. These new Wallpapers and themes add a futuristic sheen to what’s already a very forward-looking handset.

Camon CX MANCHESTER CITY Limited Edition boxed

If I’ve learned anything with the new Camon CX MANCHESTER CITY Limited Edition, it’s that TECNO was right to be excited about the uniqueness of the smartphones appeals because it sure stands itself out in the category of limited edition devices.

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