Improve your grades with social learning platform Nikasemo

“Improve your grades in school using the social learning platform, Nikasemo”



Learning is not fun! At least I know I can get 99% of students agree with me on this.

About a year ago, a team of students from University of Ghana started working on bringing lasting solutions to this one problem.

Realizing most students faced problems getting access to their educational materials like lecture notes, class assignments, past questions e.t.c and that the email system was no longer reliable because of its vulnerabilities (passwords get changed and materials get deleted all the time) , we sought to improve that.

We also realized we as students did not have any real connection outside of our class with ourselves, our TA’s and our lecturers. We often resort to noisy and unproductive Whatsapp groups and more often than not, we don’t get our lecturers or even our TA’s to join us on this communication platform.

These and many other problems faced by the student lead to the birth of Nikasemo.

Nikasemo is a social learning platform which seeks to connect students with their colleagues, TA’s and lecturers. This connection is based on creating class relationships. By entering the classes of your colleagues TA’s and lecturers, you can know what every of your class member has been up to.

You can ask questions and receive direct answers from your class members. You can also share notes, past questions, class assignments with your class. All this being done in an environment customized and tailored to make learning fun and interesting.


Nikasemo is here for you, yes you! And every student who wants to improve on their academic performance and do it in style. A GPA boost I will call it. Follow the link to join us change the way learning is done. Your suggestions to improve on this platform is priceless.

Thank you and God Bless you!

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