10 Ways To Combat Homesickness On Business Travel

jbklutse combat homesickness business travel

Being away from home and familiar surroundings sometimes have a way of dampening your spirit, particularly when it is a solo business trip and you have no idea on to what to do with your free time. Here are a few things to combat the blues alias homesickness.

1. Say Hello

Man is a social being. Get out of your room and say hi to the hotel staff. After all, they are trying to make your stay a pleasant one. Ask them about the sights worth seeing and the services the hotel offers.

When you leave your keys at the front desk, let them know when to expect you and also listen to their advice and safety tips.

It is a good start for social interaction.

2. Go Out

Go sight-seeing. Learn something you didn’t know before. Ask your guide a lot of questions.

3. Exercise

Do brisk walking or jog in the mornings. Exercise is not only good for your heart but improves alertness during the day.  It releases the endorphins which make us feel good.

4. Eat Fruits

A fruit a day keeps the blues at bay. Fresh fruits will perk you up and literary keep you feeling good. Always have fresh fruit.

5. Early bedtime

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Sleep does wonders in refreshing us and making us ready for more action. Afternoon naps also help.

Stick to an early bedtime so you can rise with the sun and feel the cool dawn breeze.

6. Schedule your time

Have a schedule. It keeps you busy. Include everything, your meals, outings, personal time etc.  It gives a feeling of purposefulness and keeps your mind focused on accomplishing the next task.

7. Call home

Call friends and families at home at regular intervals. Listening to familiar voices and conversations help ease up the sadness but don’t overdo it. Locking yourself up in your room, surrounded by your communication gadgets will actually make you sicker. Live in a way that you will not freak out if there are bad phone and internet services for a day.

8. Journaling

Try writing or journaling your experiences.

9. Try new cuisine

Once you don’t have serious food allergies or an intolerant stomach, try the local cuisine. Be adventurous.

10. Count down the days

At the end of a day, cross it out on your calendar, reminding yourself that it is a short experience compared to your entire life lived so far.

Try these tips the next time you are on a solo business trip and see how they work.

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