Benewah Diaries: New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
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Happy New Year to y’all

Hope you had a swell time partying and praying into 2016 as the tradition in GH.

It’s the first month of the year and how are our New Year resolutions doing? Hope they ain’t broke already.

How many did you make? Five… ten…or still working on the shopping list?–All the best then.

New Year Resolutions

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Officially, I don’t do New Year resolutions, No way. Because, I forget within 72 hours.

Even if I had it written down, within 72 hours, the sheet with the resolutions would be gone. Yeah gone just like that. So I don’t do them.

But I find them quite handy nonetheless, lets say, my coworker says let’s go out for a pizza and I don’t have any money. I say, my new year’s resolution is to cut out any unnecessary expense.

I do try to keep it but alas in 72 hours it’s down the drain.

Think about it. Why resolve to do anything at all when on 31st Night, GH pastors and prophets have already predicted your prosperous future. You should claim it by faith. Isn’t it so?

If your future has been predicted it doesn’t really matter what decision you make, does it?   You’ve been told the end from the beginning therefore you will definitely end there.

Movie example:

I ‘m nuts huh.

If every 31st December you’re told that you’re going to have a good year (ie. You’re going to get married, your business will expand, etc) and you make new year resolutions and then by end of the following year things don’t work out (i.e your girlfriend jilted you, your business folded up … c’mon don’t you think its time that there was a plan ‘B’

But seriously, don’t you think your life is important because you have one life and not nine like a cats.

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Your life is one (not 9 like the cat. ) That is more serious than spending an arm and a leg on a smart phone for it to fall face down on a hard concrete pavement within 24 hours it was bought.

Take care of your life.

Plan out what you’ll do. Don’t leave it for 31st December and 1st January for someone to prophesy stuff that don’t happen.

Don’t do New Year resolutions like party décor—just for the occasion.

Example: If you decide you’re going to get that Masters Degree, line up the necessary activities and deadlines and act accordingly.  You will start seeing results.

So this is my take on New Year Resolutions.

My plan for this year is to hear more from you. So if you think I’m doing a lot of hot air just drop me a line and let me know.

Have a prosperous New Year! And don’t make the shopping list so long.

By Benewah Gyekye Bannermann

(Beanie-waa, Jie-chi, Banner-mann)

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