Don’t Miss Any Of Your Favorite Shows On Radio; Use The AF Radio App

Af Radio

The AF Radio App

Something comes up early in the morning and you are not able to catch up with your favorite morning show for the latest discussion on topical issues.

Probably, you have to finish a pressing task in the office or you have a class and you can’t make a date with your favorite radio personality on drive time or due to some reason, you miss any of the programs you find very important on radio.

Don’t worry, the days where you missed all the fun on the radio are over. Af Radio is here to help you out.

Even if you can’t make time for any radio program immediately, you can playback at your own free time. When you miss your favorite radio show, you can instantly listen to a recording on AF Radio!

With Af Radio, you can stream Ghanaian radio shows live from anywhere in the world. Subscribe to shows and get notified as soon as shows go live.

As the show plays, don’t struggle to find conversations concerning them on Social Media. See and join in on the real-time Twitter conversation around a show. Chat with fellow fans and catch up on the latest discussions.

Why not try this amazing app out? Download Af Radio on Android nowThe app is yet to be launched on iOS.

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