What to do if your MoMo account isn’t registered in your name

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From the 2nd of April, 2021, MTN Ghana will be enforcing the directive which requires Mobile Money customers to present a valid national ID whenever they go to withdraw money (cashout) at the MoMo agent’s stall. This is all for the customer’s good — as the service provider seeks to curb the Mobile Money fraud plaguing the service.

This new development has brought a couple of potential problems to the fore. Paramount among them is the fact that some people cannot present IDs for cash out transactions — because their MoMo account isn’t registered in their names. This is a common issue, and would affect a significant number of customers.

If you find yourself falling within that category, here are the two things you can do in order to continue using your MoMo account.

If your MoMo account isn’t registered in your name…

First, to be sure of your registration status, dial *400#. The name the account is registered to will show. If that isn’t your name, visit any of MTN’s service centres to take the necessary action by updating your wallet registration details.

The second thing you can do, as a temporary solution, is to transfer funds to a trusted friend or family member who can then withdraw the money for you. Remember this is supposed to be a temporary fix and unless you want to spend the rest of your life needing the service of a middleman, you have to do the right thing and get your wallet registration updated to reflect the proper details.

ID types sanctioned for MoMo transactions

The NHIS Card, Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, SSNIT ID, Driver’s License, and your Passport are the forms of identification sanctioned by MTN Ghana to be used for transactions effective April 2, 2021.

Can a child withdraw cash on behalf of a parent?

No. The ID owner needs to be present before the transaction can be completed.

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