When writing an essay, it involves a lot of research. If the teacher instructed you to write on the spot, you should at least know about the topic. At some point, your professor may ask you to read a scenario or story, then create a reflection paper from it.
Everybody can write, but only a few can stand out in this field. Not all individuals have the same interests. Some find it easy, while others experience difficulties. Well, this is a school requirement. Everyone should participate and come up to work on it. To help with writing an essay, you should consider these factors:

1. Read and analyze the instructions and story

Before you begin writing, you should read the scenario or story first. Make sure to understand every word it conveys. Keep your reading pace at a moderate speed, not too slow or too fast. Calm your nerves and ready your positive mindset. In this way, you won’t get panic, or you will be able to absorb what you read.
Next, you proceed with the instructions and make sure that you understand them very well. If not, you should ask your teacher regarding the directions.

2. Start Your Essay with a thesis statement

A thesis statement serves as the core of the essay. If you know the main idea, you can create an organized content. You won’t get lost along the way if you keep it in mind.
Consider brainstorming and pinpoint all the things to address in your paper. Keep the thesis statement concise and substantial.

3. Draft an Outline

You should draft an outline to arrange your content in an organized way. It will also help you point out the main idea piece by piece. You should structure the introduction, body, and conclusion comprehensively.
Make it easy to understand and follow. Do not include any irrelevant subheadings. Always check the thesis statement to guide your outline.

4. Start writing the content until the Conclusion

You can read the story up to two times with comprehension. Make sure to practice this skill so that you can understand and write the essay promptly. In a real exam, you have only a few hours to create your content. If it’s homework, you still need to practice writing fast so that you can use the remaining time for other tasks. You should study smart.
After reading the story, you can now use the thesis statement and outline to begin the contents. You can start writing the body first before the intro and conclusion. Sometimes, we take time writing the introduction because we think words that make the reader impressed. Since you have some knowledge of the body, you should start on that part. Afterward, you can proceed with the intro and verdict once you’ve completed the contents.

5. Use reliable resources or Consult a Professional writer

In writing, you should partner yourself with reliable resources. You can use quotes, contextual information, scholarly sources, academic journals, and more. You may also cite some popular saying from the movies. Furthermore, you can also mention inspirational anecdotes from celebrities and famous speakers.
Whenever you write, keep your contents professional and impressive. To make them informative, you should cite some reliable resources. Do not use assumptions and fluff to make the paragraphs longer. Your teachers know how to determine a good essay from a bad one.
Finding the right sources for your essay can be a daunting task for many people. Sometimes, the amount of information on a given topic can also be difficult to gather either because there are lots of opinions about it or sometimes because very few people seem to have anything to say about it. Smart writers use all the tools available to them to gather the most relevant material for their essays while discarding what’s unimportant. A great method to do this is to scrape information from Google Scholar articles for a given keyword, to have all the possible important material for your essay in one place
If you don’t know how to work on the essay, you can always consult freelance writers online. However, you need to pay a few bucks to get their response or if you wish to order an essay from them. In case you do, make sure to read the essay before submitting it to the teacher. In this way, he or she will know if you really did the essay or just ask somebody to do it on your behalf.

6. Proofread your work

Regardless if you write the essay or not, make sure to proofread the contents. Sometimes, your knowledge just flows naturally in your mind and write in all over. There are times that the sequence of the paragraphs may look disordered.
Furthermore, you should check the grammar and plagiarism content. You can use free online tools to help you proofread and edit your work. If you ask a freelance writer, you must read it first to see if there’s anything to modify. By doing this step, you can assure that the essay contained well-written contents and reliable resources.

How is your essay writing going?

Essays are challenging paper works that we need to do for school or university requirements. Keep your mindset positive and motivated so that you can do anything. Empower your mind that you can do it so that it will be less daunting. We recommend that you follow our tips to save you from writing essays. If you need more advice, just let us know and visit our contact page.


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