In recent times, tech wearables have gained much popularity for their convenience and functionality; and also because they can be used in making cool fashion statements. These wearables come in the form of smartwatches, fitness trackers, rings, wrist bands and, of course, earbuds or true wireless earphones.
Every smartphone manufacturer is rushing to join the trend to produce their own version of these wearables to maximise the user experience of their smartphones, and those manufacturers who don’t have a product ready to sell are buying in generic models and adding their branding just to make sure they don’t miss the boat. The latest to join the stack is TECNO, one of the leading budget-phone brands in Ghana and Africa.
In this article, my focus is on earbuds from TECNO called buds. TECNO Buds is a true wireless earphone by the Chinese phone manufacturer to revolutionised the earphones used in their phones with something more trendy but with a premium sound experience.
The version of buds I am reviewing today is the TECNO buds 1. Before we dive into the review, let’s check out what’s in the box of buds 1.

Unboxing TECNO buds 1

Inside the buds 1 is the following:

  • Earphone charging case
  • Bluetooth earphone
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • A quick guide ( Manual)
  • Extra pairs of Ear-Tips

Key Specs of TECNO buds 1

  • Model: BDO1
  • BT Version: V5.0
  • Battery Capacity: Earphone Battery: 40mAh*2
  • Charging Box Battery: 300mAh
  • Music Playing Time: Earphone: 24 Hours
  • Earphone + Charging Box: 212 Hours Speaker
  • Dimension: p8.6mm

The buds 1 is retailing in Ghana at GHC 99, making it the most affordable true wireless earphones (earbuds) on the market. At this point, let’s go right into exploring the potential of this wearable innovation from TECNO with the primary purpose of drawing a conclusion if it’s a good fit for you despite its fantastic price.
When buying an earbud, these are the key areas to focus on:
1. cost
3. Ear-Tips
4. Battery Life
5. Controls
6. Noise Canceling
7. Charging Case


The buds 1 is plastic made doesn’t feel premium but has this Airpod lookalike at a glance. TECNO has done a great job to give us this simple clean design at this price tag. The company I believe could have done more if the price was like any other earbuds on the market, but that their objective was to create something affordable yet good! There is a saying — Good quality doesn’t usually come cheap, I beg to differ when it comes to the TECNO buds 1. TECNO intelligently used materials and accessories that make the bud 1 effortless: From using plastic for the charging case to using Micro USB keeps the production cost at a reasonable price.

jbklutse tecno buds 1 connect
First time connecting my phone to bud 1.

The design is great, the functionality is cool, and the sound is not superb.
My conversation was clear and there were no funny feedbacks, and those I spoke with confirmed this. Some didn’t even notice I was using an earbud. This experience can differ depending on the ear-tips you are using. I am comfortable using the default.
Listening to music is okay, not the best best, but you will most likely be impressed with the capability of this budgeted earbud from TECNO.
The good part is that the earbuds fit well in the ear bowl ( you have an option to change between the ear-tips as the bud 1 comes with an extra). I have the bud 1 for a few days and I have enjoyed using it.


By default, buds 1 comes with a large Silicone ear-tip on the earphones. However, our ear bowls are different and not everyone will be comfortable with large ear-tips. TECNO irrespective of the price of this device still managed to add extra (small size) ear-tips: this is a big deal!
Fit and comfort are important and having an earbud that sits comfortably in the bowl of the ear – and doesn’t drop out the moment you start running – is essential.

Battery Life

According to TECNO, this can last you a day with support from the charging case. I find this relative based on ones’ use. The nature of my work makes me spend hours on the phone talking. With this GHC 99 buds 1, I am able to talk uninterruptedly for 2 to 3 hours before placing back into the charging case.


I didn’t imagine this! But the buds 1 has a touch surface for controls. You can increase ( right earphone) to decrease ( left earphone), to playing and pausing music, even skip to the last music, etc. The fun bit is, four taps on the touch surface activates your voice assistance. Isn’t this cool?

Charging Case

tecno buds 1 charging case
Tecno buds 1 charging case

The charging case that stores and recharges wireless earbuds is a very important part of a pair of wireless earbuds. The case needs to be robust if you’re going to be taking the earbuds out and about with you. In the case of buds 1, this feels plastic and fragile. It fits well in the pocket but one needs to be careful with handling as a hard drop could damage it!

Noise Canceling

TECNO buds 1 has no active noise-cancelling feature. When plug into the ear bowl instantly provides a passive noise-cancelling ( because it seats well into ones’ ear bowl making it impossible for other surround sounds to penetrate), which is fine for a device at this price tag.  The good part of that buds 1 does not have an active noise-cancelling is you are guaranteed longer listening time as active noise-cancelling circuitry eats batterie.

What do I think?

At GHC 99, the TECNO buds 1 is ideal for a first-time wireless earphone user without prior experience with a premium option at higher price tags. Users of high-end earbuds will find the bud 1 exciting. Everything from battery, control and sounds is standardly good due to its price tag, you shouldn’t too much, but TECNO did a good job: From making some of the best to smartphones and now affordable wireless earbuds. TECNO’s plan to enter the mobile accessories market has started on a good note. If the cost of acquiring an earbud has been the reason you have joined the true wireless earphone club, TECNO presents you the opportunity at a cool price. It is worth it, trust me!.
Get your buds 1 from any accredited TECNO shop across the country or order online via

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