Forgetfulness cannot become defunct in our lives as humans. Though will be minimum in our active years, some things can naturally escape our minds. Have you ever been found wanting because you totally forgot your passcode or financial Pin at the time you needed it most? On mobile money, this piece will show you what to do if you ever forget your MTN Mobile Money PIN.


The MTN Mobile Money PIN is the four-digit secret number you use when either transferring or withdrawing money from the MoMo wallet.

How to fix forgotten MTN Mobile Money PIN

MTN support via call

Usually, when you run into a problem with your MTN service, the first thing that comes to mind is calling the company to inform them and get some help. The number to call for MTN support is 100. Follow the prompts to talk to a customer service representative and explain your problem.

Note that you’ll be asked for these things:

  • Registration number of ID card used for MoMo registration
  • Name on the ID card
  • Date of birth
  • Last known amount redrawn
  • Available funds in the wallet

Social media

For those who dwell on the internet, you can use social media to get some help from MTN. Facebook and Twitter are the main social platforms I’ll recommend. Here are the pages:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

For swiftness, you can employ the use of their Twitter page for a timely response as compared to their other social media pages.

Here, you’ll be asked of your phone number in addition to the previous requirements stated like the ID card number, etc.

After providing the needed info, you’ll receive an SMS directing you to reset your MTN Mobile Money PIN.

MTN Office nearby

This is usually done when the previous two methods don’t meet your need. You can walk into any MTN office located in your area to rectify your forgotten Mobile Money PIN code.

You must go there with the original copy of the ID you used for the registration. There, you’ll be asked of your date of birth, last known transaction, among others.

After doing this, the SMS sent to you will contain directives to reset your Mobile Money PIN. This is how the steps usually go:

  1. Dial *170#.
  2. Select “My Wallet” (OPTION 6)
  3. Select “Change and reset PIN” (OPTION 5)
  4. Select “Reset PIN” (OPTION 2)
  5. Enter the new code to reset your PIN.

With the social media approach, be careful to use the verified MTN pages (the ones listed here) to prevent being swindled. Plus, MTN won’t ask you to pay any money before they help you reset your PIN. If you ever become skeptical about something concerning the Mobile Money service, here’s how to report it.

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