5 Ways to increasing organic website traffic with SEO

organic website traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. The traffic you receive from Google and other search engines is often referred to as natural or organic website traffic.

If you are wondering how to attract more organic website traffic, this article will help you understand some of the basic SEO principles and how they can be applied to your site.

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Write quality content

Writing quality content is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic.

Google and other search engines will rank your website higher if it contains unique and useful information that people find valuable. Your readers will love finding a page on your site with all the information they want without having to click through multiple links or hunt around elsewhere for answers. And you’ll get more visitors because Google will pick up your pages as powerful resources for searchers, which means more traffic!

Create long-form content

Longer content is more likely to be shared on social media, by other websites, and via email.

It’s also more likely to be shared on forums, which can help you get in front of new audiences and engage with them differently.

Analyze your competitor’s strategy

Next, you need to analyze your competitor’s strategy. To do this, use a keyword research tool like SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner. If you have a competitor that is doing well on the web and has already established itself in the market, then you should learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

This will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as identify the keywords they are using. You can also use this information to identify keywords that they are not using but may be useful for your business/website as well!

Keep your website design attractive

  • Keep your website design attractive
  •  Keep it simple
  •  Use white space
  •  Use a good font and colour scheme
  •  Use images in the right places. Make sure your images are high quality and relevant to what you’re trying to sell, but don’t go overboard or they’ll start looking out of place or spammy (see our recent article on how Google is fighting against low-quality content).

Do proper keyword research

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what keywords are worth targeting, it’s time to get down and dirty with the keyword research. You’ll need to use various tools to do this properly.

The first step is to check Google Adwords, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for the most searches for your product or service in your target market area. This is a great way to get an idea of what terms people use when searching for products/services similar to yours. Next up is getting some data from a keyword suggestion tool such as Keywordtool.io or a keyword difficulty tool like Moz’s Open Site Explorer or SEM Rush’s Keyword Difficulty metric (which I prefer). Finally, check the search volume for each one of the keywords that you’ve found through these other methods so that you can determine which ones will be best suited towards attracting organic traffic without breaking the bank on paid advertising costs!

Organic traffic is one of the most important things for the success of any website or blog.

Organic traffic is one of the most important things for the success of any website or blog.

To get organic traffic, you will have to do some SEO and SEM (search engine marketing).

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is basically optimizing your website’s content so that users can find it more easily.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is basically marketing tactics used by companies and individuals to make sure that their businesses get ranked highly in search engines like Google and Bing.

So, if you’re looking for a way to attract organic traffic to your website, start with these 5 tips. They’ll help you to get more visitors and sales from Google search results, which will help you build a better business! You may also want to see our guide on best writing tools for beginners.

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