How to open pptx file

how to open pptx file

Pptx is the default filename given to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best application for opening pptx and ppt files as it supports a number of formatting. If you were wondering how to open pptx file, you are reading the right article.

Microsoft PowerPoint is available for both Android and iOS devices. There are plenty of applications for presentations but the most popular software used is Microsoft Powerpoint. Due to its popularity, a lot of people assume it is the only application available to read presentations. Even though there are more, the focus of this article is MS PowerPoint.

How do I view a pptx file?

To view a ppt file, you need an application or software that supports the file type. Eg, Microsoft Powerpoint, WPS Office.

How do I convert a PPTX file to PDF?

Yes, you can convert a presentation to a PDF. Here is how to convert a PPTX file to PDF on PC:

  1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint
  2. Go To file from the menu and open the document you want to convert
  3. If you are using an updated version of Powerpoint, the recent files will be displayed when you launch the application.
  4. Click on File
  5. Click on Save As
  6. Under the document name, click on the arrow next to the file type
  7. Select PDF from the options given
  8. Click on save

You can also use free websites online that allow you to convert such files easily. Note that just changing the file extension from ppt to pdf can render the document corrupt or inaccessible. It is important to use the right applications for file conversions in other not to destroy the document.

How to open a pptx file: Which app can open a PPTX file?

You can open a pptx file with Microsoft Powerpoint, WPS Office, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. A number of these applications are available for use on mobile as well. Once you have the required software, you can open any pptx file.

How do I open a PPTX file without PowerPoint?

As stated earlier, PowerPoint is not the only presentation software that can be used to view pptx files. It is the most popular software, however, there are other applications you can use to view presentations. There are Google slides, WPS Office, Apple Keynote, just to mention a few.

How do I open a PPTx file in Google slides?

Google slides is available on desktop and mobile. To view a ppt or pptx file on Desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Blank to add a new presentation
  3. From the list of items on the menus, click on File
  4. Choose open from the list of options given
  5. You can either select from your Google drive account or go to upload and choose a local file from your device.

How to open a PPTX file on Android

Android has a number of applications that can be used to view ppt files. All you have to do is to download those applications onto your phone then you will be able to view them. Once the application that supports the file type is on your device, you can easily view ppt files sent to you either via WhatsApp or through an E-mail.

How to open PPTX file on iOS

Opening a ppt file on iOS is not a complicated process at all. You can download Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote from the App Store to enable you to view presentation files.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to open pptx file.

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