The G-Money platform is the latest mobile money or electronic payments platform to emerge in Ghana’s fintech sector. While it has much to do in order to catch up with industry leaders MTN Ghana and Vodafone Ghana, the service has some unique features that should set it apart from its contemporaries.
For everyone who uses a mobile money account, the guaranteed security of funds is a major concern. With mobile money fraud being the order of the day on MTN’s MoMo service, security has become one of the major selling points for the G-Money platform.
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Keeping your funds secure on the G-Money platform

It stands to reason that every human being would want to keep their hard-earned cash in a safe place. While some service providers may not be so concerned about what happens to your money on their platform, G-Money does the opposite — offering you a secure platform to keep your money and make transactions from.

1. Banking standard security

Its background as a bank-owned service means that the platform offers you state of the art security required by banking standards. And this is not merely based off that fact. GCB Bank has prioritized the security of all service fronts, and signing on to the G-Money platform means you would not be missing out.
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2. GCB Bank would do well to investigate customer grievances

Unlike the telecom operated mobile money services, having its reputation on the line means the bank would go to all lengths to ensure customers can vouch for the quality of service being offered.
GCB Bank has been dealing with, and securing money for decades; so this is nothing new for the corporation.

In conclusion

You’d always have options to choose from; however, the question remains — who serves your needs better? If keeping your money secure is what’s important to you then, there’s nothing better than the G-Money platform. It comes with so much convenience, and knowing that your funds are safe is enough to give you some much-needed peace of mind.

How to register an account

For the already existing GCB Bank customer, dialing *422# and following the prompts from the GCB menu is all it would take to be registered on the platform. Non-customers would have to visit any GCB Bank branch with a valid national ID (Ghanaian Passport, Ghana Card, Drivers License, SSNIT Card, NHIS Card) in order for the relevant particulars to be taken — so they can be registered onto the service.
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