You’ve heard by now how convenient and secure the G-Money payment platform is. In fact, the G-Money experience for many has been pleasant, and gradually, that awareness is catching on with people. Want to be part of that awesome experience? It’s simple; just dial the shortcode *422# and launch yourself into the G-Money lifestyle.

*422# and the G-Money experience

The code *422# functioned as the portal to GCB Bank’s mobile banking services. With the platform’s introduction, it continues to serve as a gateway for both customers and non-customers in the sense that you don’t need to be banking with GCB Bank to sign on to their mobile money platform.
Want to feel the goodness of the G-Money experience? Dial *422# and select GCB Mobile Banking. Choose ‘Other Services’, select ‘Opt-in to G-Money’ and follow the prompts. It’s as simple as that.

What is the G-Money wallet?

It is a digital payment (mobile money) platform for facilitating the transfer of funds from one account (bank or mobile wallet) to another. Your G-Money account also offers you convenience as it can be used to purchase and make payment for other services such as utility bills, airtime, and even tuition fees.
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