Zindi Africa has always been known for building a database of data scientists across the continent. The company currently has 12,000 registered on its platform that uses AI and machine learning to tackle major problems and also offer them cash-prizes to find solutions to fight the deadly coronavirus.

Zindi has an open challenge aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus and will launch a hackathon next month. The competition, sponsored by AI4D, challenges scientists to create models that will predict the worldwide spread of COVID-19 over the next 3 months.

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The challenge remains open until April 19 and solutions will be evaluated against future numbers with the winner receiving $5,000.

Company CEO, Lee had this to say, “As an online platform, Zindi is well-positioned to mobilize data scientists at scale, across Africa and around the world, from the safety of their homes. We want to show Africa can actually also contribute to the solution for the globe.”

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