YouTubers with 10,000 subscribers to get YouTube’s “Stories” feature

YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers to get YouTube's
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YouTube is rolling its Instagram-like Stories feature to more creators. They’re giving this tool to those with more than 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube’s copy of the Instagram Stories feature is quite different. YouTube’s version of the “Stories” will stay up for seven days on the mobile app. They will appear for both subscribers and non-subscribers. They’ll also show up in YouTube’s “Up Next” sidebar beside a video.

With this feature, creators will be able to respond to fans who interact with their stories. Anyone who comes across the story can see the responses as well.

Creators can publicly respond to comments left on the on stories.

YouTube rolled this tool out so creators can enjoy more community engagement. It is also to help with channel promotion more than day-to-day updates. Creators can show teasers and “behind-the-scenes” clips of videos being made.



People are expressing mixed reactions though, this seems an exciting add-on. Some suggest YouTube focuses on fixing its demonetization problems and advertising concerns, before rolling out bonus features.

One Reddit user wrote on a thread about the feature: “The death of YouTube is finally coming to light”.
“If they stop copying other social media and keep/support all of the old features (i.e. annotation) there is still a chance they will keep users.”

Philip DeFranco tweeted: “Youtube “Stories” are weird. They stay up for 7 days, they allow comments, but you can only reply with another video/pic, and they currently lack swipe up/video linking features which to me seems like a missed opportunity. Potential, but I’m skeptical.”

YouTubers with 10,000 subscribers to get "Stories" feature
Philip DeFranco’s tweet on YouTube Stories

DeFranco may be sceptical but he still sees the potential of the feature. So I guess there isn’t really any harm in giving it a try.


The stories are easily created. And note creators with over 10,000 subscribers are eligible for this tool. To create stories, open the YouTube mobile app, tapping on the camera icon. Then select “Create Story”.



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