YouTube music new features

YouTube Music is gearing up to battle its rivals Apple Music, Spotify, etc. The music streaming service has added some new features to the app. These new features are basically playlists.

The first playlist feature called Discover Mix is a direct slap to Spotify as it has had the feature already. On Spotify, that playlist is called Discover Weekly. This feature introduces users to new artists they’ve never heard of.

It also provides unknown tracks from the artists a user is already listening to. Discover Mix offers 50 songs and gets updated every Wednesday, as opposed to Spotify’s Discover Weekly which has 30 tracks and updates on Mondays.

The second playlist feature is New Release Mix. This gives you the recently released tracks from your favourite artists. YouTube Music also suggests some tracks you may like in this playlists. The list is dropped every Friday.

The last one is Your Mix. This playlist covers everything: songs and artists you already know with some new songs you haven’t heard.

These new playlist features are available on all platform versions of YouTube Music: iOS, Android, and the web.


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