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The YouTube app has been lagging behind the browser version for some time in terms of feature support. This is pretty problematic because more than half of all videos viewed on the platform are streamed on mobile devices. However, if XDA is correct, and very frequently they are, then Google is upping the ante on YouTube’s mobile game. They’ve found some strings that seem to indicate that the app will soon receive the ability to filter your search results by Rating, Relevance, and View count.

These filters are already available to viewers on the browser version of the service, but have been long missing from the app. The latest version of the YouTube app, 11.20.54, rolled out with a few new lines of telling code in it which has led XDA to believe that they will soon be an active feature of the app. Currently you can only filter by Date, Content type, Quality, and Duration on the app, so these three would be welcome additions.

Here’s the code XDA uncovered:

<string name=”by_rating_search”>Rating</string>

<string name=”by_relevance_search”>Relevance</string>

<string name=”by_view_count_search”>View count</string>

It doesn’t take a codeologist to put together the intent of these three lines. However, don’t hitch your wagon to this star just yet, because it’s wholly possible that Google might elect not to roll out these features after all. They currently are not live on the app and their eventual arrival is evidenced only by the presence of these lines. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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