get Apple's original content for free on iPhones and iPads on its video streaming service
iPad & iPhone (CREDITS: The Verge)

Okay first of, Apple is planning to bring out its original TV and movie content. And reports say you could get Apple’s original content for free on iPhones and iPads. This is part of the company’s plan of creating its own digital video streaming service.

The original has about 19 TV shows, though there hasn’t been any official release date. It also includes two series that ran last year. Many believe Apple’s service could shake up the video streaming industry dominated by Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.


Apple will make content available to watch on the Apple TV. Also on iPhones and iPads, there will be a pre-installed TV app for the content. According to Bloomberg reports, the app is currently being revamped and will be out early next year.

Apple may be looking beyond digital TV streaming services. In June, CNN reported that Apple was also exploring music and news content subscription plans.

Apple has pumped more than $1 billion into the production of this original programming. The company has spent this big money for the programming to feature big names in the entertainment industry. Some are Oprah Winfrey, M. Night Shyamalan, Kristen Wiig, JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and Jennifer Aniston,

Once launched, it’ll come to the many millions of Apple devices out there in the world.


Business Insider reports, “The ultimate idea for Apple’s TV app would be similar to that behind Amazon Prime Video, according to those reports. Through Prime Video — which can be watched via smartphone app, computer, and Amazon’s Fire TV and TV stick — users can access content from third-party providers like Showtime, CBS All Access, and HBO, provided they pay for the applicable subscription.”


So would you still be keeping your iPhone or iPad till next? Do you want to get Apple’s original content for free on iPhones and iPads you using now? Then maybe you should keep them. Because, the digital TV streaming war is about to get hot again.


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