You can recharge bouquet via StarTimes App: Here’s how

recharge via startimes app

The growing demand for Digital TV has caused a massive need for the service providers to be innovative. That is why StarTimes comes up with various solutions to make them meet the needs of the market.

The StarTimes app enables you to perform a plethora of functions. You are able to access your StarTimes account on the go. With this freedom, you can also recharge StarTimes through the app.

How to recharge via startimes App

When you open your StarTimes app, look out for Me button, usually at the bottom of the interface. Select it, and you should be able to see your account details. On the page, look under Decoder Subscription for a Link icon. Tap it.

You can recharge bouquet via StarTimes App: Here's how 1

From there, you select “recharge” under the “decoder subscription”

You can recharge bouquet via StarTimes App: Here's how 2

A new interface will open requiring you to enter your 11 digits smart card ID number.

After entering your number, you can follow the prompts to make your payment instantly. Also, to successfully link your SmartCard to the app, click here.

Watch the video below for more:

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